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IdeaPad Y710 Questions

I am interested in the Y710. I love ThinkPad quality, i will never go back to the typical HP or Dell. I have a few questions.


1) Is the build quality of the IdeaPad line on par with the ThinkPad line?

2) Does the BIOS support CPU overclocking or other advanced features?

3) Any chance or buying a Y710 WUXGA barebone system. Without Vista, cpu, hard drive, bluetooth, or wifi. (want slackware, T5550, 7200rpm, no bluetooth, and a more advanced/better supported wifi card).

4) Is the grafics upgradeable?

5) Is the headphone jack capable of 24bit/192khz?


It looks pretty good. Should i wait for anything new comeing from Lenovo?

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Re: IdeaPad Y710 Questions

Nice choice.


1) Ideapads are desighned great inside - though they're not as great as thinkpads, still they're constructed tough, comparing to HP, Acer, Fuj-Siemens, MSI, Rover and ASUS that I disassembled before. Lots of hatches, screws and two-sided scotch, also some kind of hardness ribbs and cross-beam inside make it sturdy.

2) No such features in BIOS but still you can use Windows-disighned applications.

3) Doubt that.

4) If you mean that you simply can buy ti somewhere and insert - answer is negative. If Lenovo in future desighnes some cards more powerfull, there's a chance they will do it - voice of logic, nothing more.

5) Since it's Realtek HD audio, it must handle 32bit 192kHz stereo soun, but It's known that most hardware manufacturers do not exec that. Don't know exactly - better some owner answers.

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