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What's DOS?
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IdeaPad Z460 - OS Installation Problem

Good day everyone. I would like to inquire for something. Please read Smiley Sad

Scenario before:

I have a laptop which is working without any problems for at least 3 years. My OS is Windows 7 Professional x32 and I wanted to upgrade into x64. I formatted my drive C so that I won't have an OS. 

Scenario now:

I am trying to install a Windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS to my OSless laptop but I am experiencing difficulties. After inserting the CD,  and pressing anykey, I'm directed to the "Windows is loading files" screen. After this, it goes to the "Starting Windows" screen but the logo is not shown and my laptop is immediately restarted. Then it is repeated again and again and again.

Things I've tried:
1. Tried other CDs

2.I tried arranging which the computer reads first during boot up (tried hdd first and then cd first, both did not work) 

3. Diagnostics, but it found no error


I asked my cousin, a professional. He said that since the problem occurs after the "Windows is loading files" he assumed that the problem came from the disk formatting. He said that there must have been a driver that is missing which prevents the computer to interpret/load the files of the OS installer. I would like to know which driver is it. And if his deduction is wrong, do you guys have any other ideas that might be causing this problem?

Thank you!

Bit Torrent
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Re: IdeaPad Z460 - OS Installation Problem

For a start, I'd look at the bios if it is version 38. Then determine if the ram is a little more than 4 GB taking into consideration the built-in video card requirement. Next is to try out that installer in another unit and see if it is not defective.

In installation of OS, delete the existing hdd partition/partitions and just let the installer create the partition it needs. It is better this way rather than what you have done now.

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