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IdeaPad Z500 touchpad changed from Synaptics to Elan after service

Hello everyone,


My IdeaPad Z500 has already been sent and have returned from service, THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!!


1) I initially sent it for service because the SYNAPTICS touchpad had stopped working (it did not click, that is, physically, it was broken).

They replaced it with a touchpad which was not recognized as some specific device. It said something like generic or something. It did not have any settings to adjust. I called the Lenovo technical support and after restoring the computer and downloading and installing the drivers (which I had already tried but didn't work, they didn't believe me however), they decided that it should be


2) sent back for service. Came back from service EXACTLY AS IT WAS, NOT WORKING, with a Bios update, thank you very much.


3) After apologizing, they asked me to resent it. I did. It returned this time with A MOTHERBOARD CHANGE and the touchpad this time had only these two options in its settings: "Left button" "Right Button". It seems, that in the mean time, the Lenovo site has updated the drivers, so this time they did work simply to tell me that the touchpad is (probably) functional but it is now called ELAN.


My questions are the following:


a) Did, in your opinion, this mashine need a motherboard change?

b) Do they have the right to install an ELAN touchpad (without even themselves realizing it...), when I had bought and sent them to fix a laptop with a SYNAPTICS touchpad?

c) When you are bying a compact device that is then opened 3 times with no good reason, do you have the right to ask them to replace it with a new one? Do you have the right to at least demand that they extend your warranty?


Most of all, because none of the above will probably work anyway, I hear that an ELAN touchpad is a bad idea. Any thoughts on that?



sorry for the nagging, I am just frustrated... the are playing with what I bought because I needed it for my work, for 2 months...


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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