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I recently bought an IdeaPad Z510 and I have to press the Fn key in order to use the F1-F12 keys. Is there a way to reverse this so I don't need to press Fn to use F1-F12?


To reverse the behavior of HotKeys in the IdeaPad Z510:


  1. Access the BIOS by hitting F2 once you power ON the system.
  2. Once inside BIOS look for an option that says HOTKEY mode or hotkey, and this should be under found under the configuration tab.
  3. Change that option and that should reverse the use of FN on your system.

(Don't forget to press F10 once you are done to save the changes you have made.)




If Hotkey mode is not available under BIOS, you might need to wait or check on the Lenovo Support download site for any BIOS updates.

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Where can I change the configuration of each hotkey? 

As an example; I would much rather have a "play/pause" hotkey than a "disable touchpad" hotkey

ellmarto ‎, the control of that row of hotkeys is only with one switch through BIOS. So it's either use the Fn or without.


Well you can't do that because of locked bios in your laptop but you can try using some 3rd party apps


My bios is also locked but it allows me to do it. Try Fn and Caps lock if you boot into bios and cant change it.