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Serial Port
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Re: IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging

I finally gave up and took it back to Frys and exchanged it for a z70 - no more problemsw except for 3rd party battery detecting some of the time!

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Re: IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging

Exact same problem- took a close look at my battery, and it is slightly bent. 


On the horizontal plane (paralell to the surface the laptop is on), the middle of the battery bows out slightly away from the body of the laptop. Incidentally, this is where the charging & communication pins are. This creates a gap and prevents a physical connection between the pins on the laptop and battery. The pins are short by a tiny fraction of a milimeter. Pushing (and holding) the middle of the battery in towards the laptop reconnects the pins and the battery registers as connected.


This was an issue for me from day 1, so I didn't mishandle the laptop/battery.


No idea what to do about it, Lenovo support is useless, and putting a bunch of rubber bands around my laptop to keep the battery connected isn't practical. It seems like an easy fix, just needs a replacement battery, but I'm not spending more money on something that has already shown itself to not work well.


Any thoughts on a workaround (or official response from Lenovo) would be great. Thanks.


Edit: Apologies for the triplicate reply here- this site isn't terribly user-friendly.


Mod's Edit: Extra postings removed.


Blue Screen Again
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Re: IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging


I found the solution to my issue with this problem at above site by Dr. Bill.

1.  Disconnect the A/C power supply.
2.  Shut down the computer.
3.  Remove the battery
4.  Connect the A/C power supply
5.  Start the computer.
6.  Under Battery... (--where is "battery?" - it is under Control Panel, then System, then Device Driver, then Battery)
7.  Click on Battery (at the top), and then right click on all entries that say Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and select uninstall.
8. Shut the computer down.
9. Disconnect the A/C power supply.
10. Insert the battery.
11. Insert the A/C power supply.
12. Start the computer.
13.  It should be fixed--thanks to Jeffrey Palermo!   Visit his blog to read what others have experienced, and solutions for those with Samsung computers, etc.

I did the above steps and it still did not start charging, so I removed the battery once more and put it back and it began to charge.

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging

I live in Argentina but I bought my Idea Pad in USA. I called Lenovo guys here in Argentina and they said they can-t do anything because the warranty has expired. Yes indeed, after one year the computer did not recognize the battery and started with all this mess. MR. LENOVO you know it-s your fault it-s a defective battery, and you are not providing any solution so, next time, I will return to my loved Dell. I will never return to Lenovo again, the service sucks!!! Lots of people shared my problem but their answer is @your warranty expired@. They have no answer for anything.


I have tried many solutions but it remains stable for a while but the the battery starts failing again. INCREDIBLE!

Paper Tape
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Re: IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging

10/17/16 I had the battery not detected notice after i got my power & internet back on from hurricane Matthew. While I am out of warrenty, the nice guy at Lenovo walked me thru a really simple fix that I couldn't find online. 

1) unplug everything from computer

2) turn it off

3) hold power button on for 30 seconds

4) plug AC back into computer

5) power back on computer


thats it- problem was solved (for me) hope this helps someone else



What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad Z710 battery NOT detected, not charging

lenovo No battery is detected

Try to Shut down the computer To hold the power buttom 5 seconds

Then turn it on. It show percent of charge. It Can work normally for me.

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