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Re: IdeaPad y560 i-7 extreme slow

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Wolyeon265 wrote:



Currently working on the Harddrive check and trying to figure out the RAM check will provide more information when ready. And I have no working restore points, as a previously delt with virus shut them all down, and I forgot to reactive the process afterwards. ( the previous virus was removed by my University about a month ago so I'm farily certain there isn't a residue)

Well if you try all of the above suggestions,including checking that ALL of your drivers


are the right ones, 


and everything checks out,i would think the likely problem to be,


a conflict between programs or drivers,as the likely problem.


By the way,i would NOT be too certain that the malware,infectionyou had earlier


has been tottaly eradicated from your system.


Some can only be really removed by a complete disk wipe,


in other words,a restore to factory settings.


So if nothing else will do,that's what i would do.


Or restore from a system image,after reformating the drive.


Let us know how you go.









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