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What's DOS?
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IdeaPad z710 Sudden Fan Issue

Hi there,


Last night I installed an windows update when prompted to. Nothing out of the ordinary. After the laptop restarted the fan was suddenly stuck on what seems like 100% speed. It is making a much louder noise than before the update and does so at all times, even during a restart or after being turned off for hours. The temperatures of the components are all fine and the air coming from the fan vent is cool so it seems that there's no reason for the fan to suddenly be running so quickly. The noise from the fan is very annoying but not a fan problem, just the sound of a fan on full power, no grinding etc.


Can anyone help me with this?

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Re: IdeaPad z710 Sudden Fan Issue

As long as you're sure the fans are blowing for no reason (do NOT do this if they're cooling the CPU!), you can change the fan speed trip points. Personally, I use EVGA Precision X16 for this, but there are probably other programs. You can manually change how fast the fans go at certain temperatures in the Fan Curve section. Just don't lower it too much especially toward higher temperatures or you could cause irreperable damage to your components.

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Re: IdeaPad z710 Sudden Fan Issue

Can you roll back the Windows update and see what happens?  Per your description, there is a possibility that this issue was brought forth by the Windows update.  If after you roll back the fan speed goes back to normal, then there maybe some issue with that latest update.  If the fan speed still goes crazy after you roll back, then something else is causing it.

What's DOS?
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Re: IdeaPad z710 Sudden Fan Issue

Thanks for the help guys. Unfortunately neither of those suggestions have worked.


No 3rd party programs seem to be able to control the fan speed, including EVGA Precision.


I deleted the windows update and restarted  to no avail. Fan still at full speed, temps still low. Don't know if that was the right way to roll back the update though, never had to do it before.


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