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Re: Ideapad 700 - Moving Windows 10 from HDD and SSD?

Sorry for bringing back this thread. I'm able to boot from the SSD, and everything runs fast. I'm happy about that. But now the machine starts having random freezes again, just like when I just received the machine the first time. Maybe about one freeze per day's use, even when I'm just doing some light web-browsing, youtube music playing and document-editing.


The reboot is fast. So when it freezes, I just reboot it, then start up the usual apps I need, all within a minute. Still, it's quite annoying. One time it froze when Youbute was playing music, and the speaker kept repeating the last bit (maybe half-second) of the music, looping indefinetly - quite loud noise! Fortunately I was just a few steps away and was able to shut down the machine quickly.


I looked at the Event Viewer but couldn't find why it froze. The logs said the machine "unexpectedly shut down" but it's not clear why. Most likely something wrong with hardware. Is there something wrong with booting from SSD? Was that why the second time repair technician didn't make the machine boot from SSD?

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