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Ideapad Ultrabay Video Adapter Failure on Windows 8.1

The hope for this thread is that someone who can speak for Lenovo responds to this issue. This issue is severe enough that it simply must be acknowledged.


I have had to "hide" the nVidia update in Windows Update to prevent it from being upgraded to the incompatible drivers again automatically.


Please see: for further information on this. I am creating a new thread because that thread is erroneously marked resolved, when the issue very much is not resolved.


After installing Windows 8.1, we receive error code 43 on the properties for the Ultrabay GPU (paraphrasing, since I have since rolled back drivers, but roughly along the lines of "Windows has disabled this device because it reported a problem").


This is an entire video adapter no longer being used, and a $200 added expense on the laptop I just bought which arrived this week.  Having a new model laptop, which is still being sold as new, not having its critical hardware function the week after I receive it, is a serious problem that needs to be resolved.


The nVidia response on this issue is: "Changes to WIndows 8.1 and how it treats adapters connected to a display requires a VBIOS update for the 2nd GPU. You will need to contact Lenovo for this."


As with many others, I have rolled back to old nVidia drivers which do not actually have SLI profiles for many games, simply so that the second adapter is recognized.


This is a critical issue and Lenovo needs to release a fix for this ASAP. Hopefully a VBIOS update to an Ultrabay GPU is something that can be performed in a software package, making it compatible with future nVidia driver releases for Windows 8.1.

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Re: Ideapad Ultrabay Video Adapter Failure on Windows 8.1

Lenovo is probably working on it as we speak, but it's mainly Nvidia's fault for not being ahead of this problem with the new update. It's also probably Microsoft's fault, but they really could care less. They've screwed so many things up that they should have known better on and are continuing to do so with this update. So, long story short, it will be here as soon as possible. 

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Re: Ideapad Ultrabay Video Adapter Failure on Windows 8.1

Please keep the SLI discussions to the already existing threads, duplicating threads splits the discussion.


Thread locked



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