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Ideapad Y400 does not charge

Occasionally, when I discharge my Ideapad down to around 30% or lower and then plug it in, it does not charge.  The battery icon shows that it is charging, but the level does not increase.  The laptop runs fine whether or not it is plugged in, and it seems to run off of AC power when available, buut the battery does not charge.  Normally, when this happens, it can be fixed by toggling the battery charge mode in Energy Management repeatedly, removing and reinsterting the battery, unplugging and plugging in AC power, et cetera.  Recently, however, it has gotten "stuck" in this state and cannot charge at all.  I have tried toggling the mode, removing adn inserting both the power cord and battery, restarting, and various combinations thereof.


It is important to note that the battery indicator does not say "Plugged In, Not Charging" as it does when set to charge to 60%.  The only indication anywhere that the battery is not charging is that the level simply does not rise.

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