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Fanfold Paper
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Ideapad Y430 - LAN Connectivity problems

Hi all,

        I am using a Lenovo y 430 and I am having a lot of trouble connecting to my college LAN with Windows Vista. Typically, what happens is I have connectivity for a few minutes after boot up and then lose it. The network status changes to "Limited Connectivity" notification. 


I have ruled out firewall issues by completely disabling it and checking again. The problem stil occurs. Googling for networking problems in vista lead me to two possible issues which are given below:


1)Disable DHCP broadcast


2)Disable TCP/IP autotuning. This will make it compatible with older routers which don't support non-standard packet sizes.


I have tried both and they have reduced to the problem to the extent that I can stay connected for a longer time. But I still suffer from arbitrary disconnects. I have specified the IP address to match, that which is assigned automatically to me, but still it doesn't help. 


Interestingly, if I try searching for any hosted games on LAN, I lose the connection immediately. What could this mean?


If it helps, I connect to the Internet through a specified proxy server.I don't need to do that for LAN functionality, only for the Internet.


Right now, I am looking at possibly disabling the Teredo Tunneling interface. No idea if it would help. Please give possible solutions or suggestions.

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Re: Ideapad Y430 - LAN Connectivity problems

Try disabling IPv6 in nework card protocols bindings.

Also look in event log for answers (rightclick Compter >> management> system events)

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideapad Y430 - LAN Connectivity problems

Hi skripatch,

                  I tried disabling IPv6, i.e, unchecked the selection in network connection properties. That didn't solve the problem.


I also tried disabling link topology drivers and that didn't work either. There was an issue with Vista slowing down network connections while playing audio, caused by a feature in the MMCSS service. I don't know if it had been fixed in SP1, but I tried disabling that and that didn't work also.


This connectivity problem only seems to occur when I connect to the college LAN. I am able to connect to the router in my home easily. 


Any other ideas?


EDIT: I checked the event logs after I lost connection. A TCP/IP event just says that the network link is down and if the cable was not disconnected, then the drivers should be updated. I already have the latest drivers for my Broadcom NetLink card.



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