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Ideapad Y460P with Quad monitor display ?

Hi everyone. I am looking for some insights from you, lucky ones, already enjoying the Y460P. I am currently seriously comtempleting to purchase one of those but before I am trying to understand what is the best display configuration it can support. My main question is : will it be capable of managing a quad 22" monitor (each 1650x1024) display or if I need an additional device like a Matrox Triplehead2go to achieve this. Some help anybody ? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Ideapad Y460P with Quad monitor display ?

as i know, the external output is about 1400px but you can extend the monitor without any issue. if you want to use more than two screen, you will need to buy a device.
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Re: Ideapad Y460P with Quad monitor display ?

Unless the laptop comes with more then one port chances are it will only support the laptops screen and the other screen pluged into the video port. You can buy devices that will alow you to connect more but they wont work or look nearly as good as the one pluged into the physical display port.

If your looking at doing four displays you need to just look into a small desktop that your can work with then bring your laptop with you when you need to go portable.

From what Ive looked at I dont even think theres a laptop made that will support more then 2 monitors (the laptops and a monitor). Which is funny since most of the ati laptops say they have eyefinity support.

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