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What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad Y500 keyboard problems

Hello everyone, I too own an Ideapad Y500, and I have had two of them with the same problem. The first one I had assumed was a hardware issue and had it returned. About a month later a purchased another, and the same problem started after I enabled the Always On USB in the BIOS. 

After reading through this thread and the possible solutions to this problem I finally got my machine working perfectly. My Ideapad Y500 came with a blu-ray drive in the ultrabay, so this may not be a viable fix for those of you with a second GPU in the ultrabay.


I measured the metal top of the drive and cut a piece of paper that would cover that surface. I then place the piece of cut paper on top of the disk drive and slid the drive, making sure the paper stayed in place and did not bend or slid off. With a little bit of patience you can do this easily. I proceed to turn on the laptop and it's worked flawlessly since. The number six on the num pad and the entire keyboard is working perfectly. 

I have yet to test this with the Always On USB enabled, and I have been using the laptop with this fix for the past day now. I am no expert, though it's my belief that the metal on metal between the blu-ray drive and the motherboard may be short circuiting and may be the reason for the sporadic key presses and num lock 6 problem.  It's not the ideal fix but it's working so far, and it's a shame Lenovo didn't see the design flaw, if indeed this actually is the root of the problem. 

Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Y500 keyboard problems

Hey deathdrip,


Don't turn the USB Aways on back to enabled.  It will work for a little bit but will start freaking out again.  I use my laptop everyday for my computer engineering career so I hope you understand that I use it A LOT.  But I performed my own test using ESD tape to tape off all the exposed metal surfaces on the optical drive and have also tried the "paper" method that you tried and when you have the USB Always On feature turned off, the fix works and the keyboard doesn't freak out.  However, as soon as you enable the feature in the bios, the fix works for around 5 minutes and then the keyboard freaks out again and you have to restart the machine, turn off the always on usb feature, then power down the machine, remove the battery, discharge all power by holding the power button in, then re-install the battery and hope if fixes it.


Word to the wise....LEAVE THE "ALWAYS ON USB" OFF AND PERFORM THE WORK AROUND.  My laptop has been working fine by doing so except I can't charge my phone when the laptop is off.  Who cares, it works like every other laptop and yes I am in the acceptance stage of paying for something that doesn't work right.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Y500 keyboard problems

Hello everyone,


I've had the same problems with my y500 keyboard.
Since I bought the laptop almost a year ago now, it had touchpad problems. Because I'm using a external mouse most of time, I never cared about it. After all, a few weeks ago I sent it on repair to replace the Elan touchpad for a Synaptic. After it came back from repair, the touchpad problem was solved.


But yesterday I've tried the USB Always-On function for the first time. After that action, I noticed the keyboard problem as described above. I found out that the problem did not occur by using my external keyboard, so it had to be a hardware problem. It was very annoying and I was not happy with the thought that I've had to miss my laptop again for a few weeks for repair.


I knew in advance that the Always-On function could cause problems, so I disabled it. That didn't work out well, the keyboard was still typing characters I've never typed.


After searching for a solution on the internet, I found this tread Smiley Happy.

I turned off the laptop, removed the battery for a couple of minutes, re-installed it and turned it back on. Finally the keyboard was responding well again! Thanks for posting!

Well, almost then. The 6 has still sometimes a 666'6, but that is nothing compared to what is was before.
I've not yet tried the paper/tape method on my optical drive, but when it is needed I could try that too.



Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Y500 keyboard problems

Awesome!  I found that after I switched the USB Always On back to the off setting, the 6 would cause problems every once in a while but slowly stops.  Just keep using it and it will eventually stop.  I have been using my laptop since my last post and it hasn't had a problem. (Well other than the 30 min battery life lol)

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad Y500 keyboard problems

Awesome, I cut a piece of paper and put it on top of the BR-player in my ultrabay slot.

Keyboard works ALMOST perfect. Maybe 1 on 20 time when I get a ` when pressing the numpad's 6




This is what it looks like now, loads better than what it was, and the QA and WS combinations dont freak anymore either.


PS. maybe it'll work even better with the tape, if so please share your conclusion with us.

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