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Blue Screen Again
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Ideapad Y500 not booting up, not able to do anything

So, I have had and used my ideapad Y500 for about three weeks now, and I must say that I haven't been very happy with it. It is a good machine, but I have had the infamous touchpad issue, and occasional freezes and wierd things happenning. Anyways, I don't care much about those problems, since it's nothing critical and it doesn't affect me much.

But yesterday, I was using it on my lap and put it to sleep because I had to go. When I returned, the keyboard and lights were on, but the screen was just black. No sounds, no response from key presses, nothing. I had to shut it down manually. When I turned it on again, it just kept stuck with the lenovo logo and the loading circle thingy. Then It said "preparing automatic repair" and then "diagnosing your PC", followed by a message that said that windows couldn't load correctly and I had to do a restore from the latest backup point. I clicked OK, and then it just got stuck on the lenovo logo, not even with the loading circle, just the logo. I shut it down manually, waited, and turned it on again. Same thing.

The point is, this has been happening since yesterday, and now I can't even access the novo button, the logo just shows up.

Token Ring
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Re: Ideapad Y500 not booting up, not able to do anything

Well, not much you can do without use of the novo options. You could try removing the battery for awhile, press the power button to drain any residual energy and then reinstall the battery. If it boots up great, but if not, diagnostically there isn't much we can do and you should call for repair.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad Y500 not booting up, not able to do anything

Hello, similar to the scenario you described, I've had my laptop for a month now and I've encounter the exact same problem.

Did you find a solution yet? I'm getting worried.
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Re: Ideapad Y500 not booting up, not able to do anything

Hi everyone,

I do not work for Lenovo, but I suggest that as long as the Ideapads are still under warranty, it might be good to try contacting Lenovo Tech Support. That way they will have a record of the problems, Should any issues remain unresolved, Lenovo can act accordingly.

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