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Blue Screen Again
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Ideapad Y530 display distorting colors

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I have an IdeaPad Y530 of a client's that recently has started showing distorted colors (mostly orange/pink) throughout whatever shows on the screen. It was intermittent at first but it has gotten to the point where it is all the time. I have taken a few pictures to show the issue, and I have tried the following so far:


1) Hooked up an external monitor to see if the issue happened to it as well, but it displayed properly.

2) Disassembled the chassis down to where I could disconnect and reconnect the different display cables, that didn't appear to make any difference either.


I was just curious if anyone else had run into this issue and if so, how you were able to get it resolved and/or what parts needed to be replaced to resolve the issue. Below are 3 pictures I took to show the issue. If you need any more info, please let me know and I'd be happy to get it. The laptop was purchased 2 years ago new, and this is the first problem they've had with it.


Link to picture


Link to picture


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Re: Ideapad Y530 display distorting colors

it looks like lcd or ram issue.
check if your ram sticks are defective ( remove/replace/swap )
if it doesn't make any change, i can say it's lcd.