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What's DOS?
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Ideapad Y530 - lenovo partition

I've been trolling the forums for a while, and am left with a simple question regarding my specific situation.


I have an IdeaPad Y530 with 160 gb hd.  According to Disk Management, I have a C: partition with 105 gigs, a D: (Lenovo) partition with 29 gigs, and an unnamed partition with 15 gigs. 


Because I want as much of my HD available to me as possible, I want to erase my D: partition.  I have created recovery disks with OKR.  If I erase my D: partition, will I be able to recover my computer if it experiences a crash by using the recovery disks?


Also, anyone know what this third (hidden) partition's purpose is?  Can I somehow unhide it?



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Re: Ideapad Y530 - lenovo partition

The answer is simple. No you won't.


What I would recommend is the following......


Restore to factory preinstalled state with OneKey recovery partition.

Complete the initial configuration. [creating user name and password, naming computer, etc., etc.]

***You can uninstall the bloatware at this point

Delete partition for drive "D".

Allocate the space to drive "C"

Create a backup using OneKey. [within Windows]

Burn recovery disks.


The reason you have to do this is because changing partition sizes destroys the possibility of recovering with OneKey partition or recovery disks created with OneKey. Hope this helps.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad Y530 - lenovo partition

Thank you very, very, very much for your simple and concise answer.  I owe you a beer.
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