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What's DOS?
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Ideapad Y560: Need bios 59 version



I need to delete the crappy 71 bios version and go back to 59.

Unfortunately, I am not finding the official bios59 64 bit version at the Lenovo website.


Its very disappointing that despite heating in 71 being a well known problem, forum messages contain links to shoddy websites such as

for downloading this BIOS (just look at the flash advertisement they are showing!!).I am very uncomfortable downloading this and installing as it could be a malware for all I know.


I purchased a Y560, due to heat problems had to change battery in 1 year 2 months and the new battery is now down to 50% capacity. Learn something from DELL, IBM about doing business and maintaining quality. Mass production and crappy products is not the best strategy in the long run!!


Lenovo folks: Wake up and make this available. Would appreciate a response from Lenovo support staff.





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Re: Ideapad Y560: Need bios 59 version

Have you tried doing a system restore and if worse come to worse a recovery? I'm not sticking up for lenovo because I know their service at times leaves a lot to be desired, but before you updated your bios (or any other firmware) you should have created a restore point in windows so as to roll back any ill effects of such an update.

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Re: Ideapad Y560: Need bios 59 version

Hi Prithvi,


regarding your heat problem, have a look here...

please try first cleaning the heat-sink fins very gently with a soft toothbrush and vac.


BIOS version 30CN59WW for Y560 model... but may need to temporarily install a 32 bit Windows to be able to flash...


hope it may help... Zehn



Edit: it looks like BIOS version 59 has been removed from this link!

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Y560 Core i7 bios 59

please i need the bios driver 59  because the 71 very bad

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