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Ideapad Y580 overheating, unable to control fan speeds!

I've had my IdeaPad Y580 for a month already, everything working fine.

I bought this laptop for it's Graphics Card.

I keep it over a cooling pad all the time, I keep it free of dust and in a place with good airflow.

I use it for gaming. It came with Windows 8.

It's been working fine but recently I started playing FarCry 3, with no problems at the beginning, but after an hour of playing the game starts freezing and lagging until it finally freezes and there's no way to make the computer respond, so i'm left with no other option than using the physical on/off button.


I noticed this was happening because of overheating, so I went on the internet to check for solutions to this issue.


I noticed the fan doesn't run at fullspeed even if the computer is starting to lag because of high temps.


I also noticed that the power management program that came included on the computer (Lenovo Energy anagement Software Ver 8.0) doesn't have an option to manage fan speeds, only the dust cleaning mode would make them run at full speed only for a minute, I checked this temperature change with MSI afterburner and whenever the dust cleaning mode is active the temperatures start lowering.


The thing is, I NEED a way to make the fans run at full speed all the time, at least when I'm playing.


First I was told to check the fan settings on the BIOS, but this BIOS (5dcn89ww version 8.00) doesn't have the option to change fan speeds.

So, I was told to use a program named speedfan, wich I installed and it recognized the temperatures of the cores of my cpu and my gpu, but it didn't recognize my fans, so I wasn't able to modify their speed either. I readed somewhere that speedfan has several configurations you can download and that can make the program detect your fans based on your motherboard manufacturer, BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS THE MANUFACTURER OF THIS MOTHERBOARD, AND I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO GET THIS INFORMATION NOWHERE.


I also checked on power setting on windows 8, on cpu energy management (something like that) and set fan cooling to active.


I searched too, for a unlocked version of the BIOS, I got it but haven't flashed it yet, I just read that the people using this BIOS are still not able to manage fan speeds with the unlocked thermal management options.


Right now I have no options left, I NEED a SOFTWARE solution that can make my fans work at full speed when I need them to. I know this is posible because the Lenovo Energy Management Software is able to make them run at full speed in the dust cleaning mode BUT IT ONLY LASTS ONE MINUTE.


This is the third time I post this same message, the second one was deleted and the first one has had no answer whatsoever.


I'm seriously needing help with this issue ASAP, this computer has great power but this issue doesn't allow me to use it at it's best.


Help will be very appreciated.


Santiago H.

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