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Paper Tape
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Ideapad Y710 Upgrade Question

I have recently purchased a: Lenovo IdeaPad Y710 - 40542AU


I am pretty good with computers Hardware and software aspects, but I have some general upgrade questions.


I was wondering a few things, Is it possible to upgrade my video card in the future, if so what slot type is it, and is there a list of supported cards anywhere?

Also am I allowed to under warrenty or do I have to wait until it expires/send it in?


Any input would be grateful for, thank you.

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Re: Ideapad Y710 Upgrade Question

Hello and congratulations with such an investment. As far as I know, it is not allowed for now to upgrade officially your videocard. Making that on your own risk is way too risky, since there're tons of nuances in mobile video upgrade. I just suggest, that upgrade will be available at the moment of Y730 launch - I suggest that model will be powered ny new generation of videochips and I think that they will be compatible with Y710 desighn. Remember that's not official point of view, it's not even close - it's just my own thoughts and suggestions. Can't get your warranty question. What is it about?
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Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Y710 Upgrade Question

Like I said just for future reference.

I play PC games sometimes on my sparetime and each game that comes out has greater and greater requirements. I don't want my computer to get too far out of date hardware wise, so any way I can prolong the time of having my pc up to date the better.

I know it's a laptop and will never be a super PC with a GFORCE 8800GTS SLI input. But the more up to date the better.

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