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Ideapad Z580 Fan control after BIOS update

So I have bought my Z580 with GF630M 2years ago. And I was pretty happy with it. Except few Nvidia Prime setting low GPU clocks after awakening laptop from sleep and fan control only possible with Energy management.

I really like to play games on my laptop, so when I was playing game I have set my energy management to "efficient heat dissipation" (English is not my native language so I dunno how is it called in english) which set fan to little higher speed, and everything was ok.

But about month ago I have made BIOS update from Lenovo site. Which completely reset bios setting and they must have been set manually again. Took me about half a day to make it working again. Also it somehow messed up drivers so I was forced to reinstall them all. But most importantly that BIOS update changed fan controls which means that in power management I am now able to choose only between "Normal" mode and "Dust removing" mode.( Yes, I have tried to install diferent versions on energy management....all of them from lenovo site, but none of them works)

That means that now everytime I play game and temperature rise above aprox. 92°C, driver sets GPU clocks approximately to the half of the original value and Game starts to have unplayable FPS.

Now my laptop doesn't have apropriate cooling and fan is running like nothing important is happening while GPU is boiling at 90°.

Can somebody give me link to previous BIOS update? I really need downgrade because now I am not able to play game at all with FPS droping after first 4 minutes of gameplay. Or any other solution how to raise fan speed.

If not, can somebody tell me if my Z580 is able to run without fan connected? Im really thinking about fan modification with external control, because I really dont want my laptop to melt down due to messed up BIOS update (BTW thanks Lenovo, another "update" like this and I'm done with buying any lenovo device again)

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for replies

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