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What's DOS?
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Ideapad Z580 Windows 10_Cannot access BIOS

I have used the novo button, the windows 10 access through restart, pressing f2, f3, f10,  and delete. I have no way of accessing my bios to deal with a fan and heating issue. Please help 

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Re: Ideapad Z580 Windows 10_Cannot access BIOS

Probably your Windows 10 have enabled fast startup feature. Follow this article to disable it, power off your laptop and then try to use Novo Button.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad Z580 Windows 10_Cannot access BIOS

I attempted this, but it still did not work
What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad Z580 Windows 10_Cannot access BIOS

Not sure if you fixed your issue accessing the BIOS and the underlying fan and cooling problem.  I have just had the same or similar issues.  Since the Windows 10 April 2018 (1803) release my daughters laptop Z580 started to overheat and dying while she was playing SIMs4.  Like you I 1st tried to access the BIOS to look at setting there and found I could not access it whatever I did.


This is what I had to do to resolve both the BIOS access issue and the overheating issue....


Bios Access issue

1) removed the power cable, remove the battery, remove the cover, keyboard etc to gain access to the BIOS battery (see video here). 

2) removed the BIOS battery, waited for a few minutes (10 to be sure) and then reinsert the BIOS battery.

3) put everything back together again.

4) Connect power and power on.  You should get s CMOS error and a prompt on the screen to press F2 to access the BIOS.


Wow that wasn't too hard... But no that is not the end of it...  After resetting the date and time and changing other settings in the BIOS, when you reboot your laptop the same issue will return, no access to the BIOS.  At this point I tried again to update the BIOS using the files from Lenovo found here.  The sequence is to run the 'public' BIOS update 1st and then the 'private' BIOS update.  Prior to the above steps neither of these BIOS updates had worked.  To resolve this, I took the following steps...

1) boot to Windows 8.1 (the BIOS updates from Lenovo are for Windows 7 or 8 only).  For this I used a spare HDD and installed Windows 8.1 so I could leave my original build of Windows 10 untouched.  You could also create a bootable USB to Windows 8.1, guide here.

2) ran '5fcn95ww_public 64bit.exe' (right click and 'Run as Administrator') - it failed with error code -255, I ignored this....

3) ran 5fcn95ww_private 64bit.exe (again right click and 'Run as Administrator') - This succeeded to install and update the BIOS.


After this I returned my original Windows 10 HDD to the laptop and the BIOS was accessible via all the normal routes, using the Lenovo button, and via the Windows 10 recovery options and has continued to work.


Now for the overheating issue...


Overheating Solution

It seems that the overheating issue was caused by the Windows 10 April 2018 (1803) update.  This seemed to have messed up the graphic card drivers causing the laptop had resorted to using the integrated Intel graphics controller.  Even though SIMs4 is not very very intensive compared to a lot of other games today this was enough (tested in another laptop with the same i5-3210M and no additional graphic controller) to overheat the processor.  To Fix....


1) above when you had the laptop open clean the fan and vents thoroughly, also clean the bottom panel under the fan as this is where air is drawn in.

2) in Windows 10, right click on the Windows button and open 'Device Manager'.

3) expand the 'Display adaptors' section.  You should see 'Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000' and 'NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M' listed (but don't worry if they are different names). 

4) Right click on the 1st and select 'Update driver' then 'Search automatically for updated driver software'.  This should install the correct drivers replacing what was there.

5) Repeat for the 2nd NVIDIA card.

6) now reboot your laptop.


That should be it.  Well it seems to have fixed the overheating issues I had.  I used HWMonitor combined with Prime95 and FurMark to stress test my Z580 after this and left it running for a good hour or two.  It got hot but stayed within the Intel core temperature range reaching a max of 104 c (the CPU is spec'ed by Intel to 105 c, anything more and it cuts out).


Hope this helps you and others deal with these two issues.  NB it is worth updating the drivers on all devices in device manager, I found about 5 other items that the Windows 10 April release leaves with old or default MS drivers when there are better drivers available from the MS source.


Good Luck... 


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