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Paper Tape
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Ideapad Z580 refurb from Lenovo - What a disappointing experience

Just to preface this - I am pretty well versed in computers, have helped friends and family with numerous computer issues and only get tech support involved as a last ditch effort if its beyond software/driver issues.


So I buy my daughter a refub Z580 quad core Win 8 laptop directly from Lenovo last June 2013 for her birthday - Her first laptop.  First Lenovo laptop I have purchased. Besides the horrible touchpad (Which I turned off)  Immediately the laptop has sound issues which require me to send in to repair as it was a hardware issue.  Then over the last year and 2 months have fought with Internet connectivity issues - coming out of sleep it or starting up it can't see a connection, even though its there.  I have tried all the fixes, updating drivers, reverting drivers, turning off power saving etc.


Well the latest, and probably the last thing to happen is my daughter turns it on the other day and display has just static vertical streaks on the right side of the screen for about 2 inches to the right edge -  So either the display is shot already or the graphics card, and this conveniently happens 2 months after the warranty ends.  Also, since Win8 uses a charms bar on the right side, can't even use that.  So I am trying to plug in a VGA external monitor to determine if the issue is the screen itself or the graphics card/processor.  Can't seem to get the computer to recognize a vga cable is plugged in - What do I do to activate the external display, as it doesn't seem to work. I tried closing the lid so it would run the external monitor, tried finding a function key that activates it, and tried control panel to see if a second display was listed , but no luck.


i have a feeling this will have been a $500 mistake - Never have had this many issues with a laptop purchase


But if anybody can tell me how to get the external monitor working, that would be great, and any other ideas.


Update - I got the external monitor working - had to remove and then reinstall the Intel HD 4000 driver.  External display looks fine so at least its the lesser expensive reapir - replace screen or hopefully connector is jsut loos.  Are these units easy to work on as I can't see it making cost sense to send this thing in if not under warranty any longer

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Ideapad Z580 refurb from Lenovo - What a disappointing experience

I chose a Lenovo because my wife has used a Think Pad at one job or another for years and they always seemed tough as nails.


The Idea Pad Y510p I bought in March is absolute junk.  *I should have read these forums before buying.


The "in home" technicians Lenovo contracted with were bozos.


Their cusomer service and support is a farce, designed to lead you along until give up (like the DMV).


After my experience with Lenovo ... Smh ... they won't have a chance at my hard earned money again.


I feel your pain.




Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Z580 refurb from Lenovo - What a disappointing experience

Well I ended up determining that it was the LED Screen gone bad after a year, and bought a replacement screen from Amazon.  I lucked out that it was easy to replace myself and was relatively inexpensive.  I did have a hard time finding a tear down on the Z580 model - there were guides on similar models but the Z580 had a few obtacles that I had to overcome. 


Still never did figure out why the wifi disconnects constantly.

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