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Paper Tape
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Ideapad hard disk indicator blinking and speaker error

Hello everybody: Lenovo clients and team.


About 2 weeks ago I've got Lenovo Y570 (i7 second generation, 8Gb RAM, 750GB HDD,windows 7)

Actually I'm happy with this laptop, but here is one very annoying issue -the speaker error and hdd indicator blinking


So here are two questions: curious how do i stop my hdd indicator blinking all the time?and what does the blinking indicate?


2. Sometimes when i turn on the computer the 'welcome music' sounds but ended up with a 'buzz' sound like an error thing. what problem might it be?is it the speaker? my laptop is brand new.


I'm hoping that any of you can respond and help me to fix these problems!

Punch Card
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Re: Ideapad hard disk indicator blinking and speaker error

1. hdd light blinking means hdd is writing/reading smtng, it means it's in use. cant stop that
2. error buzz sound means your pc froze for a moment, whilw that sound lasts. it froze while something was playing.

defragment, clean registry, disable not needed startup programs, update drivers etc.
i suggest tuneup utilities, and then update drivers if you want or need to
Broadband 3G
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Re: Ideapad hard disk indicator blinking and speaker error

Hi there Alvian,


as you were already told,you do NOT want to stop the hdd indicator from blinking.


Be happy it does so.


However i do not at all recommend,registry cleaners,or tune up utilities.


They can cause more trouble than they are worth.


Sometimes they can even stuff up your system,especially if you're not an experienced user.


Also ONLY update drivers İF and when you really need to.


See if you can run the troubleshooter on your pc,and check said driver,


at  Device Manager.









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