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Ideapad y500 Heat problems

Hi, so ive had my ideapad y500 for about 4-5 months now and i have noticed that the heat is becoming a real issue. i keep the laptop raised about 1.5 centimeters for better air circulation but it doesnt help. the fans periodically run very fast and even in idle times, i can hear it. was not like this when i first got it (very quite). also, i installed HWmonitor to check my temperatures. with minimal usage or during idle times, i am getting temps between 48-58 C. this is not normal and was wondering what i should do. Comments would be appreciated thanks

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Re: Ideapad y500 Heat problems

my idle temps are between 48-55c after re-applying the thermal paste when replaced the motherboard at the service center, I was concerned to until I stressed an msi gaming laptop and a y510p a display units at the store and got similar temps while stressing both prime95 and furmark for 10 mins.

unlike you my fan spins very quitely and you cannot hear it unless you stick your ear in front of the vent.

I think your temps are normal but the fan shouldn`t spin that fast, anyway download prime95 and furmark for cpu and gpu stressing and stress your laptop for 10 mins and report your temps, if you cpu runs up to 90c and gpu up t0 85c then your fine if it goes more than 95 then check your enviorment tempreture and if your in a cool place your gonna have to re-apply the thermal paste.

I am concerned like you but you have to understand all quad core i7 in laptops require active cooling even when idling, since they produce alot of heat even the 4th generation ones, unless you own an asus or sager these temps should be quite acceptable.

just run the tests and check your temps cuz what matter is your laptop not overheating when gaming.

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