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Ideapad y500 display turning off unexpectedly

In a nutshell, I noticed that my laptop screen would randomly start turning off for no reason while the laptop was still running. The "fix" for this would be to open the laptop up farther. Eventually, only the most wide-open orientation would allow the screen to display, and even that has ceased to work consistently.

So I have read other posts about display issues that are common, so I will try to be as specific as I can.




A software issue, as best I can tell. My screen does not show lines or strange patterns, it just goes black. And I don't mean the display goes  blank, it actually turns off. No light.


A screen issue, I don't think. The screen displays perfectly well for short periods, and then just cuts off. It seems to be effected by the position of the display (e.g. How open the laptop is). I have to open the laptop as far as it will go for best effect, and even then, the screen will simply shut off after several minutes. Sometimes I can find a "sweet spot", and get the display to function for an hour or more, so long as I don't jostle the laptop more forcefully than using keystrokes.


A GPU issue. I have hooked up the laptop, during period of screen blackness, to an external display. Everything shows up fine, which I understand would not happen if the GPU was having problems.



Is the issue likely a loose screen cable, or something similar? Something that would cause a lack of power for the screen? 

Could there be something related to the laptop hinge(s) that would cause the display to work only at the most extreme angle? 

Is this issue likely to be something I can fix at home, as I am no longer within my warranty period? 

Any help you can provide will be much appreciated, as this is the first laptop I have owned. Thanks for reading! 

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