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Ideapad y560 hardware / graphics problem

Hi there, having an issue with my Ideapad & hoping someone might be able to help me narrow my issue down.


Originally the anchors holding the hinges down all broke and I continued to use the laptop for some time without really noticing the problem. Eventually I noticed the screen would wobble a bit if it was bumped or moved in the slightest & soon after my video would start cutting out then being restored or i'd get a Bsod.


Eventually opened the laptop up and figured out every anchor point for the hindges had snapped off the case, so I jb welded them all back into place and put it back together. Problem is, even after the anchors were fixed, the video would still cut out or bsod on me.


I've narrowed my problem down to either the lcd cable, thinking it could possibly be pinched as a result of the hinges going out (Really hoping it's this). Damage to the motherboard as a result of the hinge on the left side pushing up on it from below whenever the lid was opened or when it bobbed (Would suck, since that'd mean needed a new motherboard) or posibly the hinge making contact with something or messing with the cord in some way whenever the lid is moved in a certain position.


At the moment i'm able to use the laptop if I have the lid in a certain position, if I go to move it back (open more) the screen either doesn't come on at all or glitches out.


Here are two pictures of my problem with the video. One is when the screen glitches out (this is usually on startup when windows boots up to the login screen) and the other the latest bsod message.


Looking forward to any helpful comments / suggestions & thanks in advance. Smiley Happy

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