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Paper Tape
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Y570+Rapid Drive...storing workign files on "separate partition."

i am trying to set up a Y570 that I bought my wife.  On her last machine. I stored all of her working files and application setting files on a separate partition to facilitate backup and recovery.  It sounds like the rapid drive function on the Y570+SSD complicates this since it moves files back and forth to the SSD to optimize performance.  How do I go about configuring my machine to facilitate backup and isolating the workign files from the OS?

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Re: Y570+Rapid Drive...storing workign files on "separate partition."

installed os into ssd or hdd?
Token Ring
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Re: Y570+Rapid Drive...storing workign files on "separate partition."



We were sorta talking about this here:


Lenovo Tech Support doesn't seem to want anyone messing with RapidDrive; their attitude seems to be that if it's not broken, they won't help.  There might be another number to call, but I didn't bother at this point.  


You might be able to follow this: 


It basically gives you instructions on how to reinstall the OS and turn RapidDrive back on.   So there might be a way to set up a documents partition on the 750GB and have RapidDrive run on the SSD and remaining SATA partition (or possibly not even reactivate RapidDrive).  


In the end, I decided to just leave RapidDrive running and not mess with the partitions (there's also another problem with One-Key Recovery being sacked when you change a partition).  I still have a weird feeling that I don't have total control over my laptop, but I'm ok with it.  Also, the WEI rating for disk access is 7.9, so I can't say that RapidDrive isn't doing a good job.  I just hope that if either the SSD or the SATA fails in the future that I can still recover cleanly.  


(on a semi-related note, I still can't find anything on whether you should try to defrag with RapidDrive)

Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions



Just gotten my Y570 ... (not sure if this is the right choice of laptop or not, after reading some threads)

Anyway, a couple of questions on the rapiddrive on the Y570


1) It is "mentioned" that the SSD+HDD forms the virtual C:. I am still seeing 2 drives on the explorer.

one 700+GB and one 60+GB


2) How can I tell whether the RapidDrive is enable or not?


3) Read some threads on the RapidDrive moving files and folder to external harddisk plug to the laptop.

Has this been solved? Does it means that I should not plug a ext hdd greater in size than the virtual harddisk?




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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions

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I have same issue, I mean I can see more then one drives in my explore on my recently bought y570/windows7 with RapidDrive 64gb installed (refurb).

1) C: drive wtih 60gb (which I think is SSD)

2) I also see D: drive with around 700gb partition

3) E: drive with around 30gb partition


now my questions are:

1) If RapidDrive is enable on this laptop?

2) I see one application from Intel Rapid Drive....I do not know what is this for?

3) looking at Disk manager in computer management, I could see disk0 is 64 gb SSD (samsung), like every other forum's topic talk about, there is bug which will show ssd here but not allow to get details, but I could see it and check details on it

4) My lpatop boots in less then 20 secs, I guess Rapid drive working? or not?


Thanks, if someone could light on these questions!

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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions

it seems you succeed. still, can you post a screen shot? ( disk management )

intel® rapid storage technology is a windows*-based application that provides improved performance and reliability for systems equipped with sata disks for desktop, mobile, and server platforms. when using one or multiple sata disks, you can take advantage of enhanced performance and lower power consumption. when using more than one disk, you can increase protection against data loss in the event of disk failure.
Punch Card
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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions

I managed to separate the ssd and 750gb hdd using the rapid drive tool from the rapid drive software downloaded. Upon successful separation, i rebooted the y570, install a fresh win 7 64bit on the ssd. The boot up time recorded by EE boot optimizer was 23 seconds. I checked and confirmed trim is enabled.

The 750gb hdd was initially partitioned into 3 and i have to delete and create 2 new ones. I already made backup of the apps and drivers incuding the hidden lenovo folder. Recovery dics were created before the attempt to separate the ssd and hdd.

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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions

Hi Nitric, thanks for this information. I am about to do the same - install fresh Win 7 on the SSD and then keep part of the 750HDD for my personal data withou RapidDrive.


I have one basic issue thoughSmiley Frustrated ... where the heck I take the DVD with legal windows? I did not get it with my Y570. The Windows was already installed and there is only the hidden partion with image for Onekey Recovery. The legal key is on the notebook directly, as always. 

Is there a way how to legaly download a legal Windows 7 Home Premium, and I simply put my key from my Y570 during installation? Or can I simply download first Windows 7 Home Premium which I find on piratebay or any other place on web and use my key for it? Will my Win 7 be 100% legal?

I tried to durn the 3 DVDs from the Onekey Recovery (the option for factory default), but it is not Windows.

Anyone has experience with this?

Thanks in advance, Tomas

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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions

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If you look at the IdeaPad Y570 Clean install guide, you will find where to legally download a Windows 7 DVD and install Windows

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Re: IdeaPad-Y570 Fresh install of Windows 7 on SSD

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Yes SSD merged into virtual C with a part of the HDD. DO NOT RUN CHECK DISK! EVER!!!!!!!

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