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Re: IdeaPad-Y570 Fresh install of Windows 7 on SSD

If you would like to install Windows on the mSATA SSD, you must first change it to a basic disk otherwise you won't even see it in the list of partitions while the Windows setup intitializes.

To do this:
1- Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Disk Management
2- Find the mSATA 64 GB SSD, you would know which one it is from the size, it would be around 59.63 GB
3- Right click on the part where it says Disk 0, then choose convert to basic disk, if that option wasn't available, choose convert to Dynamic Disk, then try right clicking again until you see convert to basic disk
4- Once it is a basic disk, you would see it in the partitions list when you are trying to install Windows!
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Re: Y570+Rapid Drive...storing workign files on "separate partition."

Fletchman1313 wrote:

 Also, the WEI rating for disk access is 7.9, so I can't say that RapidDrive isn't doing a good job.  I just hope that if either the SSD or the SATA fails in the future that I can still recover cleanly.  

My WEI rating for disk access is only 5.9, the worst score of all the rest. I wonder if that means something is wrong?

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Re: Ideapad y570, RapidDrive, SSD & HDD Questions

I have a Lenovo Y480 with 32GB solid state and 1TB hard.
I have rapid drive running.
Problem is my C drive takes up all my hard drive space (SSD and HDD) except for 24GB given to my D: partition.
I would like to increase the partition space on D and/or make a new partition.

I tried shrinking , extending ,etc but nothing worked.
I had to restore to factory setting like 9 times so i stopped coz i was afraid i would harm the hard drives by resetting it so much.
Lenovo support was just useless!
Any help?
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