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Installing Large Software c drive too small

    Sorry for the newb questions.  I'm not very computer savy and this might have already been answered. I'll put on the flame suit now.

This is a brand new Y510, windows vista. I went to install Microsoft Flight Simulator and of course it says that C drive is too small. I tried to install to D drive but it says that you can not put that in the root directory. Help?

Other than that, this has been a great buy!

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Re: Installing Large Software c drive too small

Not familiar with this game... Anyway, try freeing some space on C:.
You may disable hibernation, change location of swapfile (Win+Pause->Advanced->Advansed->Settings->Advanced->Virtual memory change->Uncheck "automatic"->Reallocate swapfile on drive D;  It's amount must be formed to make both your RAM and swap summary weight 4 GB), disable system restore, relocate your documents to another folder on drive D (rightlick on folder->Properties->Location).
But does it really worth this?
Interestign fact - Microsoft's game is not running by default on Microsoft's OS and there's no option to change installation location... Or is it?
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Re: Installing Large Software c drive too small

So, do not put it in root, just create some folder(i.e. games or program files) on D drive and install it there.

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