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Installing SSD In y560

Ok i have i3 320gb lenovo y560, and im concidering installing an pcie ssd drive, 
first of all, does it have to be an intel one to use intel rapid drive?

or i can use any other ssd-s, intel for pcie ssd is very hard to find, atleast where i live, 
or is it possible to order via lenovo services ( in serbia) ?
note: thay did not have any rapiddrive models in store i was looking for...

and when i insert ssd drive, what is procedure of geting it to work with my system ( i want my system to be on it ) 
but i dont want to reinstall it, if it's possible

also what is procedure to have One Key recovery enabled, Cause i deleted all partitions, now only have C 90gig, and D the rest, and Lenovo reserved drive ( 500mb)
how to create partition for one key recovery and how big should it be? thanks

Punch Card
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Installing Mini PCIE SSD y560

I got my Y560 before rapiddrive was put into these devices (i'm not sure if it has been yet).


Two questions to see if anyone has tried this

1. Could I put an ssd into the mini pcie slot in the laptop to use as a boot drive?


2. Using the recovery DVD's made using lenovo's software, would i be able to put Windows 7 on that drive? I thought you had to have your partitions exactly the same as they were stock, wouldn't this screw it up?

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Re: Installing Mini PCIE SSD y560

they have the rapiddrive software on the software/driver page for y460/y560 maybe just install the mini pci-e sdd and install the rapid drive software and it will do the management of files being on the sdd

Paper Tape
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Re: Installing SSD In y560

bump... I'm very interested in this too. I can't find any information on it, and I don't feel too confident calling lenovo from what I've read. ung... very frustrating.

also, can anyone tell me if it's ok to put a seagate momentus xt hard drive in the y560? I have the EU model, i7 720, 4gbram, 5730.
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Retired Moderator
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Punch Card
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Y560 SSD Mini PCIe?

Trying to get one of these:

For my boot drive, a small SSD that is fairly inexpensive and doesn't kill my hard drive bay, are these (or any version of these) compatible with my Lenovo Y560?

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Re: Y560 SSD Mini PCIe?

Yep, thay should be compatibile with y560
Punch Card
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Re: Y560 SSD Mini PCIe?

But they at longer and thinner and wouldn't mount if I am correct?
Punch Card
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Re: Installing Mini PCIE SSD y560

I'm going to bump this because it wasn't answered, maybe if we show enough interest Lenovo might actually do something. I have been very disappointed with Lenovo so far and WILL NOT be purchasing another Lenovo after this.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Installing Mini PCIE SSD y560

For what it's worth, here's my experience so far on the Y560-0646:


Installed a RunCore Pro IV 50mm MiniPcie PATA SSD into panel 5 (look at the manual) which is next to the Wireless card I guess. It had worked fine in the USB chassis that came with it, but the laptop didn't recognize it at all (in the OS or BIOS) when it was installed in the mini pci-e slot. I tried it in every slot there was, including the one the WiFi adapter was in. Nothing worked.


I called CS and they didn't offer much help. They did say that nothing should be blacklisted or whitelisted and anything should work in there.


Ok fine, even though these cards come with built-on controllers, maybe it doesn't like PATA. I sent it back and ordered the SATA version. RunCore Pro IV 50mm MiniPcie SATA SSD. What the hell, it's supposedly faster anyway...


I just went through the same routine as with the PATA card, and nothing is working. I even tried switching the SATA BIOS setting from AHCI to IDE. No dice. The system doesn't recognize the card at all, even if I pull the HDD out.


I will follow up with CS again, but am not expecting any miracles. I'm thinking so far that this has to be a crippled BIOS setting. I've heard rumors about some boards on other brand laptops maybe not being able to boot off it, but cmon, this laptop doesn't even recognize it...


Any help would be greatly appreciated, since these cards are $$ and I'm already in a hole with shipping back and forth etc...



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