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What's DOS?
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Intel HD 630 Problems - I'm 1/2way to a fix, need help though!

Long story short, my intergrated graphics card keeps failing with every driver except the barebones Basic Display Adapter. My laptop screen works in safe mode, but in normal mode with the intel driver, i just get a black screen.





I've tried everything from disabling/clean uninstalling the driver with DDU(from guru3d), doing it manually with the device manager interface, downloading directly from intel (previous versions too). Set my nvidia to primary GPU via 3d settings in nvidia control panel. Tried all of these 3-4 times. Tried updating BIOS too, but already got latest. I've enabled physX too. High Power option also.



But updating the intel driver beyond the most basic one gives me a black screen, then to get it back in order I need to start safe mode and disable/uninstall the intel display driver. I'm currently typing on the very laptop that's affected, so everything else works perfectly.


However this is a gaming laptop, and everytime I try to play games, i get 1-20 FPS, and on control panel it reads my GPU as 0% usage. Again, I've tried 'forcing' my laptop to use the nvidia card by setting it as primary and also by manually setting game .exe files to run with the nvidia card. (general and specific)




I've tried to look for solutions for 0% gpu usage but they all just say to update your drivers... and while the nvidia driver is up to date, i can't update the intel one because i'll just get a black screen.






BUUT I found a possible fix:



One driver that does techically work is the one directly from the laptop's manufacturer (Lenovo). However after the driver installs, everything is fine for about 3-10 seconds. and THEN it crashes.


So i need help figuring out why that is the case, and what I can do to get everything running again. That specific driver IMO clearly does the trick but it seems processes that run after cause it to fail. Is there anything I can do in those 3-10 seconds that can prevent the crash, or atleast collect some data that would help?



After it crashes, I held the power button to turn the computer off, then when i turned it back on. Everything was fine for a couple of seconds, I even saw the login screen and was halfway through typing my password when the display crashed again and i just got a black screen.



So yeah, i'm onto something here, I just really need help in figuring out how to stop that crash, or atleast obtain some info right before that crash that can be of use to you guys.





Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y-520 15IKBN

Dedicated GPU: 1050Ti

CPU: i5-7300HQ

What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-18-2018
Location: US
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Re: Intel HD 630 Problems - I'm 1/2way to a fix, need help though!

I've managed to solve it with the help of

i had to reset my BIOS, and it worked!

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