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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models

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180 1450 final 

Revision / Stepping    05 / B3


My opinion - don't buy it.  seller probably knows it's backlevel and can not get it updated because not his/hers.






a nice free tool:  see

IdeaPad V570-1066A9U, Built 5-22-2011, BIOS 44CN36WW(2011-08-04)
Win7 Pro x64 clean install. Sammy 840 Pro 128GB SSD. Fast! Used nice hardware manual to re-grease CPU and remove tiny bit of lint.
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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models

Kris237, thank you very much for your answers, given information is very useful for me.
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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models

Mr. Mark:


It's been more than a month since I sent my first email to you. This is my fifth or sixth email now. From your second also last email send weeks ago, you promised to resolve this chipset issue for me soon, or may be a full cash refund, but no action ever come from your side so far. Kindly please give me a solid resolution to get this issue done and over with or would you be kind enough to let me know how much longer I have to wait?


Recently my friends asked me if I would recommend Lenovo as they are looking for a replacement. What should I tell them?





P.S. The following is my first email 


I am one of the unfortunate Canadian consumers who purchased a Lenovo Ideapad Y560p laptop with the defected HM65 stepping B2 chipset while traveling in Hong Kong. One of the reasons I bought this laptop, before the chipset issue surfaced,  was the worldwide warranty Lenovo offers. This is a big ticket purchase of the year after having multiple emails exchange with their sale specialist. Lenovo was chosen due to their self proclaim superior built quality and worldwide product supports.

However, when I called Lenovo's Canada help/support center regarding this defective chipset, the operator Eva denied the Lenovo worldwide warranty and told me to go back to Hong Kong to deal with this matter. Since this is a factory defect I do not think I should go through that much trouble to fix this factory defect problem. She was incompetent to answer most of my questions and finally when I asked for her supervisor, Eva hanged up on me.


Four complain emails I have sent but received no reply from Lenovo and am still waiting for their resolution regarding this defective 6 series chipset. Ignoring a perfectly legitimate issue and customer is definitely not a good PR gesture for Lenovo.

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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models



Hi Mark im sure your tiered of people asking you the same question but i just found out about the Y560P recall. We bought two Y560P laptops last month and i came to the forum while i was searching for a fix for the problems im having.

The PC stucks from time to time, even when im writting on a word processors, and speakers make a anoying sound when whatching video.

I am from Macedonia and when i bought the laptop the company here didnt mention anything about this. The MFG date on the back of the laptop is 2011/04/02. Am i affected? If no why im having the same problems on both of laptops, even after formating the PC and not installing any other APP except the drivers.

Thank you in advance and i'm looking forward for a quick reply.




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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models


I just bought a IdeaPad Y560P Laptop - 439733U and getting it UPS  on Wednesday Aug 24. After reading all this I kinda worry a bit.

Right now I'm running 2 HP Compaq nc8230 and never had any problems with them.


Great forum BTW, a lot of knowledge  Smiley Happy

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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models

hi I recently bought lenovo g470 see details at : windows display : Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 ... So I guess I am screwed ... The problem is that I can return it to the seller (malaysia) but can lenovo france help ? Is there any email to boot the refund process ?
-- g470 s103t
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Lenovo S10-3t | Model Name : 0651 | Mfg Date: 2010/06/08
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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models

[ Edited ]



I bought LENOVO Y560P 1 Year ago (01.2011). I've heared about chipset problem  -  my model has got  B2 STEPPING REV4 .


I wanted  give back my notebook to service lenovo and they don't want to exchange motherborad ... What the ***** ???



I don't how is in different countries , but people in service in POLAND are liars !


They still talk  about the same thing ...." Is something wrong with notebook at this moment ?" BLA BLA BLA BLA...




Who can help fix my problem ?









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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models



I replied to your PM now on the same topic - hopefully the advice there gets things moving in the right direction with further assitance available if needed.




If you have an affected unit and are trying to get help from service and the agent does not seem to be aware of the issue, please refer support to this page on our support site.


Lenovo made efforts last year to determine affected systems and notify customers and encourage them to seek service.  While there isn't a formal end date to this that I'm aware of, as many of these systems are now getting close to end of warranty, if you have one of the affected units, I would contact service rather than holding it and seeing if this does eventually have a problem. 


Best regards,



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Re: Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset - Bulletin - Affected IdeaPad Models

Hi Mark@Lenovo


I wasn't aware of this issue with Sandy Bridge when I purchased my new Y560p laptop in December 2011.


I'm just starting to get issues with it (1 month after it has gone out of warranty - how typical!!) system fails to start up, freezes for no reason. On the random occasion I can get it started up, I can't even get a backup to complete without it just freezing.


The date of manufacture is 2011/03/16.


I've looked in the device manager and can confirm it is running the Intel HM65 Express chipset and is using ports 2 and 4 (ports 2-5 are affected according to intel). So it looks as though this laptop has shipped with the faulty chipset. I've triple checked on the intel posting and it seems to match the specs on this laptop.


I like my laptop - but I am struggling to see why I should pay to get it fixed because of a manufacturing fault. I thought the whole point of registering for a warranty was so lenovo could get in touch if there was an issue like a recall such as this?. It has already had a new battery under warranty because the old one just drained of charge within a few minutes of using it off the power - so support have had my details.


Please can you advise what I can do about this? Customer support in Asia Pac weren't aware of any recall by Intel.


Please Help!!

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Re: Updates on Intel Sandy Bridge chipset bulletin



I know this thread is old, but I'm finally realizing that my system is effected by the BSOD because I have the y460p with the intel 6 c200 combination problem. I purchased this over 2 years ago when they were still shipping the machines. Can I still get a refund for this computer? thanks

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