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Is the Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop even a "Gaming Laptop"???

Hi there


I am having such a hard time with this laptop concerning gaming which is one of the main purposes I bought it for, especially considering the fact it was specifically advertised as a gaming laptop. 


The 4K resolution has some serious scaling problems, reducing multiple programs to tiny boxes and things like that. 

Also apparently the rest of the hardware like the Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M graphics card and the CPU cant even keep up with this resolution which is why while running games at 4K, everything is incredibly slow and the FPS drops significantly. Its just silly.


At most all my games I have to run at 1080p for the hardware to kick in and even then sometimes I can't even play on high settings.


Like for instance I recently bought Assassins Creed Black Flag, which supports 4K reoslution and of course when I started playing, everything was so slow and laggy even on the lowest possible graphics settings. Once I changed the resolution to 1080p it shrank it down to a tiny size and was STILL super laggy and had a low FPS on high settings. Although changing the graphics settings down to the minumum helped with FPS issues to a 'playable' level, the screen was miniscule and unplayable. 

I am getting soooo many issues with this 4K resolution thing and im very surprised Lenovo did not mention this and further more label this Laptop as a "Gaming Laptop", as it is seriously turning out not to be and after looking at many reviews into this, a lot of people are agreeing with me.


Is there ANYTHING I can do to fix these problems? Any help would be appreciated. I just want to be able to play games at a good standard as this laptop was advertised Smiley Sad 


Thank you. 

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Re: Is the Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop even a "Gaming Laptop"???

Simply put not really. No mid range laptop is going to be able to run games at 4k which honestly should be pretty obvious. Most of the problems you're having have been covered in various reviews :/
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Re: Is the Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop even a "Gaming Laptop"???

860M is a good GPU. I would like to know if this is one of your first gaming laptops?


My suggestions -

1) Play games at 1080p (max). The GPU you have cannot handle games at a resolution more than that.

2) In most games, you will have to know the graphical settings and turn down the most demanding settings.

(such as Ambient Occlusion, Post Processing FX, Tessellation etc,) You need to learn what these effects are how they affect your system.

3) Take care of your system, like benchmark a game before playing to prevent overheating.

4) Make sure the game you are trying to play is stable and optimized (otherwise you wont get the performance you want)

5) Change desktop resolution to 1080p, adjust font and size sliders in Windows settings for optimal experience.


If you want specific advice for an issue, let me know. Have a nice day.

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