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Paper Tape
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Issues with p580 laptop - touchpad and keyboard

I have major issues with my Lenovo laptop.  I have had touchpad issues since day one (Nov 2012) and now have major issues with my keyboard. From the beggining, my touchpad would either be overly sensitive or non-responsive at all.  (I hate how the cursor defaults to a particular part of say a Word text if you leave your typing inactive more a number of minutes.)  The touchpad is also overly sensitive!  When my left hand simply hovers over the letter keys while my right hand is positioned over the touchpad, it somehow creates some shortcut command and changes up the screen, particularly the zoom function when I glide the mouse horizontally. HOW DO I MAKE THIS STOP?  


I also have issues with starting Windows.  A black screen turns up and when I run the Task Manager, Lenovo TouchZone comes up and I have to end the program.  How do I fix this permanently?


Then just last night, the touchpad had again been irresponsive, as it does all the time sometimes, and so I turn it off an on (maybe that makes it worst), and then I started having issues with my keyboard!  It doesn't type all letters just some. Sorry I can't explain.too well..but I'm semi frantic with a few writing deadlines coming up! Consider i'm on a lil island with little access to serious tech help. When i try to use Word some floating keys appear over the tool bar...its all just so weird! Please help!


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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Issues with p580 laptop - touchpad and keyboard


I dont know what might be causing it but your latest issue, the floating, letters is what would show if you had pressed the "alt" key, as these are the keyboard shortcut identifiers.


Assuming you havent pushed the alt key yourself this indicates that windows has been incorrectly told it has been pushed by the bit of oftware that detects the keyboard key presses.


I am not a lenovo or windows expert, but I imagine that this indicates fairly serious problems with, at the very least the device drivers that control the input devices (i.e keyboard touch-screen etc)


I would recommend returning it to the place of purchase immediatly (dont wait at all if you can).


Other than this I could maybe suggest that a small part of the issue *may* be caused by having the sticky keys feature turned on. If this is the case sticky keys can be truned off by pressing both the left and right shift keys at the same time.


Good luck

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