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Blue Screen Again
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Issues with y50-70



im not sure what the issue is with this laptop as I have another Lenovo laptop that doesn't have nearly as much power as this one but has way less issues, yet it's a lower end AMD 500-15acz.


Laptop y50-70 is the i7 2.60ghz, 8gb ram + 2gb 960m + intel had 4600


First issue : default graphic :

I have watched countless videos about this and read topic after topic. I've set in the Nvidia panel the default to GTX and also in the physicX to GTX as well.


-GTA Iv issue : when I play GTA IV ( another countless amount of reading) it only works if I start the game with Intel Hd 4600. I have added all of the "commandline.txt" settings found online from 2gb to no limit etc nothing seems to work in terms of using nvidia it just gets stuck at boot where the rockstar terms are listed. If I run t with intel it will load but in lowest resolution available and with command lines I can increase settings but it's still using intel?


- Crysis 1 :

The game recognizes my pc as a medium settings where as I can set it to very high and some settings high and play just fine, but the issue is no 1080p resolution. My other laptop that's AMD has 1080p and auto configured high but runs slow on that setting due to being weaker and less graphics memory.

Heat / Fan issue?

if I'm playing anything ( I'm on high performance battery mode and plugged in to the power) the laptop will kick to the highest fan and the entire bottom feels like I can cook eggs on it. Specially when playing Crysis 1 & Batman AO.


- one thing i noticed is if I set GTX as default for both nvidia settings and I look at dxdiag under the GTX tab it shows no VRAM but if it's set to auto it shows that that it has vram

ive looked inside the machine after opening it and there is absolutely no dust anywhere it's clean,

also so I bought this from someone that's owned it for 1 year


also all drivers have been downloaded and installed and GTX shows it's being used when the games are running on it

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Issues with y50-70

Any guidance on these ?

Support Specialist
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Re: Issues with y50-70

Hello Fplus

Thanks for using the Lenovo forums.

I`m guessing no, but has the prevous owner mention if there have been any issues with the unit?


The heating issue is likely, by the sounds of things caused by simply overheating when it tries to process games, try to see if when you lower the graphics if the issue is replicated.


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Issues with y50-70

Hello thank you, I'll test it out and no the seller said nothing was wrong.


I actually had a another issue, the laptop discharges while gaming & plugged in. Is there anyway to verify if the power supply / charger is genuine or meets this laptops power needs for high demand gaming ? I'm worried based on searches laptops only do this when the power supply can't provide enough power so it taps in to the battery but what happens if it ran out of the battery entirely and I was still gaming ? I need to know what the original charger looks like ( power / indictation of Lenovo?, etc.) 

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