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Paper Tape
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Keyboard backlight problem y410p



I cannot turn on the backlight of my y410p keyboard anymore, I searched all over the net for solutions, but couldn't find anything so I'm posting here.




- My keyboard light had worked fine for most of two years, and I kept it always on.


- About 3 months ago, I tried to turn it off, and realized the Fn + Space shortcut wasn't working. Essentially the backlight was permanently on. It was ok since that's what I wanted most, but I have no idea what broke the shortcut. Since I own the laptop, I've upgraded to Windows 10, then removed the HDD to install a new SSD, and then performed a clean install of Windows 10. I did this a year ago, no idea if it has anything to do with breaking the shortcut.


- 2 weeks ago, the light suddenly turned off for no reason, and I couldn't turn it back on. 


- Fn + Space is not working obviously.


- I tried to reinstall all possible Lenovo drivers, including the Lenovo Settings App which was the only thing that had a keyboard brightness option, but switching that made no change it's always off. I'm not sure if a windows driver can help anyway, since the Fn + Space is not working at boot either, it has to be BIOS controlled.


- I looked for options in the BIOS, but nothing (I have the latest 3.08 flashed).


- I could see a red light very very very faint, I thought the keyboard led might have gone out or something, so  I ordered a new replacement keyboard.


- I received a new keyboard 3 days ago, changed the keyboard, still nothing. When I look under the keyboard, I see the red leds glowing, so they are working, but again the light is super dim, if you look close in a total black room you see the border of the keys is red, but not enough to lighten up the keyboard to a workable state. Is it possible that this would be the "off" state, meaning that the led is never really "off", just super dim when it's off?


Anyway, here I am. I guess that something somewhere broke the Fn + Space shortcut, but I have no idea what, or how to restore that. If it's something in the BIOS, could downgrading it down then reinstalling the latest one something that could restore the keyboard light control connection? Is there a driver I'm missing?


The laptop is in top shape and working perfectly apart from that. All other keyboard Fn shortucuts (Brightness, Volume, Duplicate screen, Touchpad...) are working just fine.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Token Ring
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Re: Keyboard backlight problem y410p

Check in lenovo settings , you might have options for your keyboard
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Paper Tape
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Re: Keyboard backlight problem y410p

Hi, unfortunately, the keyboard options inside the lenovo settings app do nothing at all.


I've continued searching and found at least 4-5 forum posts here and elsewhere of Y series owners for whom the keyboard light stopped working after changing to an SSD, so it could very well be a software driver problem of some sort.

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