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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎11-02-2011
Location: India
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Keyboard issues with my Lenovo z570

I bought a Lenovo z570 laptop 2 weeks ago. My laptop came installed with DOS. I installed Windows 7 and installed the drivers for Windows 7 from the drivers CD provided to me along with the laptop. I'm facing some issues with the keyboard. When i press Shift key+2 i should get @. But i get ". When I press Shift key+3 i should be getting # but I get £. Shift+` gives me ¬ instead of ~. Can someone please solve the problem. I'm facing a lot of difficulties because of this prbblem. When I enter an email address, i get " instead of @! So I  want to get sorted with this as quickly as possible.

Thank you

Community Moderator
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Registered: ‎08-28-2011
Location: Thailand
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Re: Keyboard issues with my Lenovo z570

Hi shreyansml07,


go to Start->Control Panel->Clock, Language, and Region->Region and Language->

Keyboards and Languages->Change English(United States)-US


good Luck... Zehn