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What's DOS?
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Keyboard problems

2 months ago I bought a Y530 but both shift keys acted like hotkeys.  The left one always printed "]YT" and then opened the find dialog box...the right shift key always printed ".,mv".  Lenovo's customer service was top-notch, I sent the computer back but somehow the tech guys didn't catch it.  It came back with the same problem...oof.  O just today in my search for how to make Vista's Windows Explorer look more like XP's, I accidentally fixed the problem!  I just wanted to share this with anyone that might be having keyboard problems.  I used Ease of Access in the Control Panel to disable hotkeys but that never fixed it.  Today I did : right click the Desktop / Graphics Options / Disable.  No more shift key problems.  Maybe this'll help someone...
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Re: Keyboard problems



I have the "exact" same problem. However, disabling hotkeys on Graphics Option does not fix it. 

I have tried multiple purmutations and combinations but it doesnt work.


May be you  did something before "right click Desktop \/ Graphics Option \/ Disable." that helped in fixing it. 


Can you please help me out. It is really irritating. Others at Lenovo forums are suggesting that it is a hardware issue - but I dont think so. Also, do you think recovery is a good option for sorting this out?




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Re: Keyboard problems



I think I found a solution to the problem. Although it will sound random - but it works for me. 


Just open wordpad and start typing shift with other keys simultaneously and randomly - very randomly and very fast. Hmm and well, it suddenly starts to work fine. It is pretty random and the problem reappeared but it was always solved with this ... well 'method' (if u'd call it a 'method').


I have not had the problem back for a few months now. So it does work. It is not a hardware problem for sure - and nothing to do with Hotkeys.


Hope it helps.



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