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Hi Everyone,

I have been to the Lenovo Parts & Accessories section to do a Parts Lookup.

The system i entered in is for the Model 20184 but when i entered in my Serial Number, Lenovo states that my Serial Number is for a Type 3087 - Model CTO???

Is this the same as my Model 20184??


Anyways, my real question is my teenage son cracked his Ideapad P580 (gift item, warrenty ended) when opening and closing his laptop due to a defective hinge. I ordered replacement hinges and am now trying to purchase a replacement screen for him.


The Lenovo parts lookup states the part for the Ideapad P580 is

LG Philips LP156WH3 (TL)(E1) Screen Display 15.6 LED, WXGA (1366x768) HD

  • Connector type: 40 pin LED screen socket

My question is what other SCREEN REPLACEMENTS can i use???


I was informed that I can use


LP156WH3(TL)(L3) 15.6" Laptop LCD LED Display Screen

but not any LP156WH3 TP series screens such as  TPSH , TPS1 or TPS2 


Is there any other screens compatible with my son's Ideapad P580???

I live in Toronto, Ontario in CANADA and limited on parts available or limited to CANADA so i am trying to find an reasonable price solution for my son's laptop.

 Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


On behalf of Brandon

Bit Torrent
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Re: LENOVO P580 SCREEN REPLACEMENT for model 20184

The 308725U is probably the actual model number you son does have, and the screen part number you posted is consistent with one of the three screens listed on page 92 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual for the T580 for the P580, but you will probably have to source the replacement online by searching for FRU 18200435     Most that I have found have been about $50.00 USD, but I only checked a few sources, such as this one that does shop to Canada.    


Note that besides LG, the screens were also sourced from Optronix and Samsung as well, and either should work just fine.


          Description                                                                                                                        Lenovo FRU/Part Number

  • Panel, 15.6 Flat, AUO B156XW04 V5 HD G W LED1 NB LCD (P580/P585)                    18200433      Optronix
  •  Panel, 15.6 Flat, SEC LTN156AT20 L01 HD G W LED1 NB LCD (P580/P585)                18200434     Samsung
  • Panel, 15.6 Flat, LGD LP156WH3 TLE1 HD G W LED1 NB LCD (P580/P585)                 18200435      LG

BTW -- CTO just stands for Customize To Order which just denotes parts that can be changed in a customized configuration ordered for a particular system. 



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