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LENOVO Y500 Battery will not charge after using LENOVO Battery Gauge Calibration

Hi everyone,

My name is James and I've been using my Lenovo y500 for 2 years now (originally bought it to use for school/gaming). I've never had any problems with my laptop until I performed a battery gauge calibration using an app that was made by LENOVO. Now I know this is a known problem but what about the people who have purchased these Lenovo computers, expecting them to last? It's really not fair to the people with no more warranty because this is software that literally came pre-installed with the computer. Like, why put this app on these computers if it's going to break your motherboard? Anyways... The ONLY way I can ever charge my laptop now is by doing this annoying/tedious process that I managed to find on this forum. 

1. Remove the battery (if laptop is powering on, then shutdown it first).
2. Remove the AC adaptor from wall ac receptacle.
3. Once the laptop is completely powered down, plug AC adaptor to your laptop and wall AC receptacle.
4. After a few second, insert battery back into the Laptop. And then, the battery will be chaged as usaul.
5. You need to repeat step 1-4 above every time you unpluged the AC adaptor.


This is extrememly embarassing for me sometimes especially when I have class because people look at me like "what's with this kid's computer? it must be bad."  So, it's really ridiculous how little is being done about this situation. It's almost like I'm advertising to all my classmates NOT to buy a lenovo laptop.


So Lenovo, please tell me what me and the many others without their warranties can do, because now all our working devices that we bought are now faulty because of your app.


here's some links to MANY others with the same exact problem:


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