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Paper Tape
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LENOVO Y570 gaming settings & cooling fan

hey guys i just bought a new ideapad y570 i7, nvidia geforce gt555m and im looking to play some games in it.

i'm not that familiar with the features that lenovo y570 has.


so im asking

1.what settings should i use for thermal management when gaming? 

2.what's the diff between standard and super silent and efficient thermal dissipation?

3. last but not least i would like to know what does one key theatre mean? movie and intelligent thingy? what does it affect? does it boost the graphic if i'm gaming?

4.during what activities should i change the theatre mode and to which mode? it adviced to use cooling fan?


Im sorry if im asking too much, i'm just getting familiarized with the new lenovo features. it's my first lenovo btw.

Token Ring
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Re: LENOVO Y570 gaming settings & cooling fan

Hello there Alvians and welcome to the community.


1. Thermal management should be set to Efficient Thermal Dissipation

2. The difference between thermal modes is mostly the level of noise-Supersilent(self explanatory), standard means regular cooling with not too much noise, efficient thermal dissipation means that the fan will run at higher speeds to enable better cooling but it will be a bit more loud than other modes.

3. OneKey Theatre is a function that changes the contrast of the picture a little bit and enhances the audio experience(I really do like the movie mode when I'm watchin movies and series..). The intelligent mode is supposed to change itself according to what you are doing-listening to music, playing games, watching movies, browsing the internet... But from my experience I only use Normal or Movie mode. And no, it will not boost the graphics in games.

4. I recommend using the "Movie" mode when watching movies or something like that, otherwise just run it in normal mode. Well that's my opinion but you should feel free and try them all out to see what works best for your needs.

5. Cooling fan will not make a noticable difference. Make sure that the back of the laptop is lifted a bit(put some books below the screen of the laptop to raise it a bit to make some room for better air circulation).


And now just a tip for gaming-Update the Nvidia graphic drivers to 301.24 beta drivers.


To do this, download the driver from here: 301.24 beta driver download

-Then go to Install/Uninstall programs,

-uninstall everything you see that has Nvidia in its name(one restart of the computer will be necessary),

-check once more if everything is uninstalled(if not, uninstall everything that's left by Nvidia),

-run the downloaded 301.24 driver file,

-choose "Custom Installation"

-tick the "Clean Install" on the bottom of the installer

-then just click next and the driver will start installing itself.

It will probably ask you to restart your pc once or twice. When it asks you to do so, just click restart now.


So now you will have the latest drivers and games will run a bit faster(well most of the games will run faster).


Hope that this helped you in any way!


Paper Tape
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Re: LENOVO Y570 gaming settings & cooling fan

thanks a lot to zitnikp, really good to see a friendly lenovo community Smiley Happy

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Re: LENOVO Y570 gaming settings & cooling fan

[ Edited ]

I usually leave my fan settings on Standard, only because it's slightly quieter than having it on Effecient Dissipitation all day.

I sometimes game with Super-Siolent, but it eventually does spin as fast as it would if it were on Effecient Dissipitation.(same if I game on Standard)


In short, the thermal management settings sorta all adjust to when you game and will have to go into E.D. when necessary.



The one key theatre button is like a short cut to colour and contrast settings as well as sound settings. Try playing a youtube video or movie and switching between the modes and you'll see the difference.

-I leave mine on Movie because the sound does actually sound better. Downside is when I'm gaming, the darker areas are really, really dark.


I've been looking for a cooling fan for a while. I haven't really used one yet, so I'm not sure how much fans will affect temps.


PS- When gaming, my Y570 will heat up considerably. It goes to around 100+C o_o;

Idle temps around 50C

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