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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-25-2012
Location: Hammond, LA
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Accepted Solution

Laptop has been in depot for over a month. When will I get my laptop back?

[ Edited ]

I have an Ideapad Y470.It arrived in the depot for harddrive repairs on March 21 because the harddrive completely failed for the second time since I have owned it. It was purchased in Aug 2011. 


The latest online depot repair status update was on March 23, 2012 (over a month ago), and it states: "Your PC is currently on hold due to a service parts shortage. Please check back periodically for further updates".


The original service email told me it would take approximately 7 days to return the computer to me after it was shipped. I called the warranty support line around April 7 and spoke to someone who told me that the computer had been repaired, both the harddrive and the keyboard, and all of this would be covered under warranty. He said they were still holding the computer to make sure that the repair was successful and the failure didn't recur.  He also told me that he would request to have the online repair status updated so that I could check online to see the information he had just given me. Finally, I was told "hopefully it will be shipped out by the end of the week."


I heard nothing for another two weeks, but I was on vacation during this time so it was not quite as urgent. I hoped the computer would return when my vacation was over. This is my primary work/school laptop and I actually had to go out and purchase a cheap replacement in the meantime because I am unable to do work without it...


Status update online is the same update from March 23. 


I called back yesterday for a new update. I told the rep what I had been told before. This new rep was unable to verify what the previous support person had told me, and he simply said that he could not get a response from the depot regarding the status and that he would send a request for a status update. He told me that I should call back that evening or the next day (today- Apr 25) to be informed of this update.


I called back today and there is still no update available and it sounds like this support person is going to do the exact same thing that I was told yesterday, which is to request a repair status update from the depot. However, she also told me that the part in question (the one which was supposedly experiencing a "shortage") is available and has been for at least 10 days now, and that there is a list of pending cases for this part-- my case ID is not among these pending cases. 


No other update as of now.


I asked if I need to continue calling back until the computer is returned, but she said someone will contact me. Since I've been told that before, I'm not inclined to trust it. I plan to keep calling until this is resolved, but this is obviously very frustrating.


Do I have any other options here? I have a full 3-year warranty and accident coverage, and if I do not get my computer returned soon, should I request a refund? The computer has been in the depot or out of commission for at least 25% of the time since I purchased it, and the harddrive has failed twice now. It's a stressful situation and the computer itself seems completely unreliable, not even counting the trouble I have had with trying to get the warranty service done. 


Thank you for any insights. 


Blue Screen Again
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-25-2012
Location: Hammond, LA
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Update: Laptop has been in depot for over a month. When will I get my laptop back?

Just an update for anyone who is interested. I spoke to customer service again today and supposedly the case has been forwarded "escalations management" so that I will get some options in how to have this resolved. I am not sure what happened ultimately, but none of the customer care specialists have been able to find a current status update for my laptop. 


Hopefully this will be resolved within the next week. I will report back at that time.


Despite all of this, I will say that the customer care reps I have spoken to have all been courteous, though obviously limited in their ability to help me with this situation.

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎04-25-2012
Location: Hammond, LA
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Final Update: Laptop has been in depot for over a month. When will I get my laptop back?

After speaking to the escalations manager, who was very courteous, I finally had my computer shipped back to me this week and it has arrived in good condition. Hopefully, this will be the last time for awhile that I have to go through the depot to get repairs. 

Paper Tape
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎06-28-2012
Location: Connecticut
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Re: Final Update: Laptop has been in depot for over a month. When will I get my laptop back?

How did you get to the "Escalations Manager"?  I have had a tablet at the depot for over a month and they cannot find it not give me a status.  I would appreciate any insight you may have.