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Left side speaker not working

I just got my Y510. The left side speaker is not working properly.
I tried all settings combinations possible: with Dolby ON and OFF, Quad and Stereo, used the test feature of windows and the one of RealTek.
When running the Realtek test with Dolby OFF and sterero mode:
Balance all to the right: Left does not sound. Right speaker sounds strong and OK.
Balance all to the left: Left sounds weak and somewhat in the middle and right is off.
When running the Windows test in Quad mode:
The side right, the left rear (Laptop's front left) and right rear (Laptop's front right) sound OK.
But the left side speaker is still weak and the sound seems to come from the front right corner of the laptop.
Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you,
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Re: Left side speaker not working

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BrunoB, this is from an earlier post by myself in this forum:
Just curious as to whether this "sound image issue" is being addressed by the engineers yet. As I stated in an earlier post in this thread, the speakers are actually working, it's apparently the volume level and/or frequency range of the sub that is causing the sound to be heard coming from the right only. My Y510 was with the Lenovo depot in Texas for 3 weeks only to be told that there is nothing wrong but they did agree that the sound "appears' to be unbalanced to the right. Supposedly the engineers were going to work on the issue.
Here is a quote that was on the paper that was sent back to me with my notebook:
'"Left and right speaker output is good. Placement and volume level of the subwoofer is creating an image issue which cannot be resolved at this time."
This quote is from Repair Technician Steve. Hope this answers questions out there. Unfortunately it doesn't help the unbalanced sound issue.'

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Re: Left side speaker not working

Thank you mikepasta for your answer.

I also called to Lenovo's support line. When I told him the problem he already knew what I was talking about. He said that the manufacturer (I guess he meant Realtek) was working on a driver patch and that we are going to have to wait for this. He gave me no estimated time. He suggested to visit the support site periodically to check for the patch. They should at least send you an email when the update arrives.

Hope it doesn't take too much time.

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