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Legion Y7000p-1060 shuts down from battery issues

Hi, I've been having issues with the battery for my Legion y7000p-1060. Lenovo Vantage says the battery is in good condition but here is what has been happening. I will charge my battery to 100% and it will be able to use it until it is almost dead without any issues. The issue comes in when I charge to 100%, the laptop goes to sleep or hibernates, then I wake it up and try to use it. The battery will say full or almost full charge but within a few minutes of using it the laptop shuts down every time. When the laptop starts up again it says my battery is at 0% which can't be true. Now it's also saying that it's plugged in but not charging.  I've tried reinstalling Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery from device manager and also doing a batter recalibration. So far nothing has helped. Does anyone know what could be wrong? I'm running Windows 10, Lenovo Vantage tells me my laptop is up to date, and I've had the laptop for just a year. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 

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Re: Legion Y7000p-1060 shuts down from battery issues

Try to open the lid and check. One or more batteries may have hardware issues and has to be replaced.

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