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Paper Tape
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Lenovo 3000 Y410 Problems

Hi guys i've read every thread/forum that i can get my hands on but still i'm stuck with these problems..

Oh BTW here's my system specs:

Lenovo 300 Y410

Intel T5750 2GHz

2GB Ram


Windows Vista Home Premium SP1(Updated using Windows Update)


My first concern is the volume of this laptop (which i'm sure you're all familiar with) is too low, i actually managed to make it a little bit louder but still it sounds like crapke the to me, it seems like the sound is coming from a tin can or something(i'm not using any EQs, ETC....) even if i tried to change the EQ settings on Windows Media Player, second is the Mic it cant pick my voice up when i'm trying to use it on Yahoo Messenger, i've tried puttingup the levels, even tried to use the mic boost which kinda iritated me a little bit because of the Mic feedback(incase you're wondering i can use the mic when i'm boosting it's signal, but here come "Mr. Feedback"...I've already installed the updaed drivers which came from your site, buy still no luck... Do you think there's something wrong with this my unit? should i ask for a replacement unit(since i just bought this like 10 hours ago) or do you think i can fix this myself?


Oh and here's something new for me, while typing this i can't understand why my cursor keeps on going at the wrong place(i have to edit this post alot cause of this)...Pls help...


BTW i've noticed some of my countrymen(Pinoys) are experiencing the same problems with the sound of their Y410, if ever you know how can i fix this pls PM me your mobile number and i'll call you...


Thanks!Man Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo 3000 Y410 Problems

BTW what do you think should be better sound-wise, an Apple MacBook Pro or Lenovo Y410, cause compare my Y410 to my MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro is waaaaaaay better, but i assume that Y410 should have better sounds than a MacBook Pro because of it's "Dolby" speakers or something...
Message Edited by j3yps on 11-02-2008 02:32 AM
Serial Port
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Re: Lenovo 3000 Y410 Problems

You can buy external speakers, and three or four more Y410 in the same price of one mac pro.Smiley Wink


Altough I agree to some extent to the low sound of in-built speakers, there are other reasons also for low sound.


- sound card (you can buy and install for few bucks).

- software (sound is different in window media player / winamp / vlc / real players, with different preset equalizer settings)

- quality of sound/mp3, file format, kbps, no of audio channels.




You can also try using good quality headphones, which give a lot boost to the sound.

Hope this helps Smiley Happy




3000 N100-0768DKU
XP Home 5.01.2600 SP2
Ubuntu 8.04(hardy)

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