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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p won't power on with power adapter plugged in and won't charge battery.

Hello all,


I recently recieved my IdeaPad Y410p from the Lenovo repair centre and they changed my system board for a different issue, but now I have a new problem.


I updated Windows to 8.1 and did all the critical updates and then tried to uninstall some of Lenovo's bloatware and now my laptop won't turn on or charge the battery. I tried to do a power drain (remove the battery and hold down the power button), but still no luck. The laptop won't turn on at all with the battery or the plug by itself. 


I then waited a few hours and tried to turn on my laptop again and then this time it powered on for some reason! I quickly restored my system back to Windows 8 thinking there was a problem with an update or bloatware uninstallation and then all seemed well until  I powered down my laptop again, but then couldn't power it back on.


I called Leneovo and they said it was impossible for it to be a hardware problem since they just repaired it and since I updated everything and then restored it back, which then it still had the same power issues means it most likely isn't software. The only other thing I could think of is there might be a problem with the power adapter, but I've had this laptop since July 2013 and the adapter was working perfectly fine and this problem only started once I received my laptop back from Lenovo after a "repair".


Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated at this point.



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p won't power on with power adapter plugged in and won't charge battery.

Hi there - 


I wanted to add that I am having the same problem. I sent my Lenovo in for warranty repair (rear left hinge broke) - I got it back Friday May 16th and ever since then it won't stay on and sometimes won't turn on.


I called Lenovo warranty support and (of course) they denied it was their problem. However, I complained enough that they're going to send me a new one. Of course, you have to be in-warranty for this to work.


Just a suggestion Smiley Happy Hope you get your straightened out!!!

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Y410p won't power on with power adapter plugged in and won't charge battery.

hai there, 


Have you read my post in lenovo y410p defect ? You try to unplug the battery and start up ur laptop as usual. if u want to charge ur batery, insert ur batery while ur laptop is still in 'on" condition. 


Once you have turned on your laptop with the battery only, if u find out that ur screen showns nothing, try to double check the keyboad backlight whether is shown some light or not. If yes, u press the power button once to make ur laptop inti sleep mode. After that wake it up, and everything will be ok 

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