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Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 - TouchPad Erratic

Hello, I received my new IdeaPadY460 about three weeks ago. Right out of the box I noticed that the touchpad was acting strange. For instance; cursor freezing, zooming documents and web pages in and out when just trying to move cursor to a different location, cursor changing to the 'move' icon for no reason, cursor stuttering when trying to move it across the screen. scrolling activated even though fingers are not in the scrolling area of the touchpad .... just to name a few.


To the aforementioned, I figured that I just needed to adjust the 'Touch Sensitivity' and 'PalmCheck' settings. I went through every conceivable combination on all the touchpad features to no avail. Only thing that made the touchpad a little better was to remove the Synaptics driver and use the touchpad as a dumb mouse. Even then the cursor would 'fly' across the screen and would 'disappear'.


I then tried switching out the (Synaptics) driver to different versions (upgrades and downgrades). This did not alleviate or rectify the problem. CAVEAT: using any other (Synaptics) driver than the one on Lenovo's website (version as of this writing) will cause loss of the Navbar's Energy Management, OneKey Theater,and volume and mute button functionality. This driver provides special functionality for these buttons.


I have searched the internet for this problem on a Y460 but did not find any. It did become apparent that Lenovo has inherent issues with touchpads on other devises. Most of the proposed solutions deal with the obvious (driver and pad config) and some odd ones which I tried anyway to no avail. I did find a posting on this site on a Y450 with a similar problem and was surprised that this person had spent almost a year trying to get it fixed. His last entry was in August '10 where he stated that he was sending his laptop in to the repair depot. Nothing else after that. Here is the link for that discussion:


Any ideas? And please don't tell me to remove the driver. I bought this laptop 'as advertised'. and that includes a working multifunctional touchpad.




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