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Lenovo IdeaPad Y7070 Touch, 80DU002XRK: problem with hinges & very long parts delivery time

2017-01-07, 14:44 PM

Hello everyone!


I'd like to tell about an issue with a laptop and seek your advice on the problem I have. I will start from the beginning in order to present the whole situation.


In 2015, on the 16th of August, I purchased a Lenovo IdeaPad Y7070 laptop from Russian vendor. I also live in Russia (St. Petesburg), so I tried to get support there. After a little while, a registered at Lenovo Support site and found out that my laptop is covered by warranty that ends on 2017-03-18. I though that was good to know and went on to using a laptop.


Everything was good and fine until one day in November, 2016 I opened a lid of a laptop and it went with a loud cracking sound — the hinges were torn out of the body of a laptop and it seemed like plastic that held the whole thing together was broken. There were no prior issues with a device, so I wrote an e-mail to the vendor I bought it at, described the issue and they replied that that is not of their concern what Lenovo Support site says and that their warranty was only 1 year and it ended on 2016-08-17.


Okay, I thought, and went to Lenovo Support site again to find service providers in St. Petersburg. I found one and took a laptop there. Indeed, they said that I have to pay for repairs and they have to change both screen and bottom covers in order to fix the problem. And as they have no parts in stock, I have to wait from 1 month to indefinite time for the parts to arrive. I brought the laptop there on 2016-11-12 and on 2016-11-18 it was concluded that the repairs will cost 22300 rubles (~370 $, as of now), which is quite a substantial amount of money for a student and it is a very serious blow to my wallet.


So here I am, it is nearly two months since the waiting started, I really need my laptop back (all of my work and studies depend on it) and I want to know several things from those of you who had similar problems.


How long have you waited the longest for the repairs to finish? And do parts really get delivered so slowly?

Should this problem be covered by Lenovo warranty?

Is Lenovo warranty overriden by vendor warranty (in other words, do I have to believe a vendor, or Lenovo website)?

Does it really cost so much to repair the laptop (it's close to 1/3 of the price of a new one)?

Do you have any advice on how to be and what to do, except just wait until it's over?


Thanks in advance for your replies!

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