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What's DOS?
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Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

I have had my Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 since around January, and I have just recently expierienced the problem of the battery dropping to zero. What happens is my battery will be draining at a normal pace then all of a sudden my laptop will shut down and will not go back on as it thinks the battery is dead. If it is plugged when this happens then the orange battery low light will begin flashing and the message goes from saying "Fully charged (100%)" to "1% remaining (plugged in, charging)". This is quite annoying as I cannot take my laptop anywhere without fear of it randomly dying on me. I would assume I wouldn't need a new battery after only having the laptop for a few months. Also, if you are not familiar with this model, the battery is built in internally so I cannot try removing it and putting it back in myself. Any advice would be appreciated; I'd rather not deal with Lenovo's customer support unless I absolutely have to.

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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

hi LordMothim,


Welcome to the Lenovo Forums.


Based from your findings, it's possible that:

- the battery circuit inside is not working to unload the charge, or

- one of the battery cells have already reached its life span

- the chip that handles how the battery gets charge/discharge and checks the charge level of each battery cell (both are controlled by a firmware) is malfunctioning.


Batteries degrade overtime due to heat and daily use. If you're still under warranty, I recommend you contact lenovo and report the issue as you most likely need a replacement battery.


More info:

How Lithium-ion Batteries Work




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Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

I sent my Z410 with the same problem in for repairs. Mine stopped working one week after the year warranty expired. I'm just glad I bought the extended warranty. Lenovo was able to recreate the problem and replace my battery. I asked them why I wasn't notified if this was a known issue for anyone owning a Z series and they told me it wasn't a known issue yet....I told her to go read the forums. I also purchased in January 2014.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

My warranty went out last month and I am experiencing these same battery issues. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

I would still contact Lenovo. There are enough posts about it in various threads on the Lenovo forum. Look up posts from the Z5 or Z 500/Z510 series as well. A bunch of people are having the same issue and Lenovo can't keep claiming they don't know about it anymore.

Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

The person who wrote the first reply didn't read your post carefully enough - you've only had it since Jan and so the battery should not have reached anywhere near it's lifespan or have 'degraded over time'.


There is a problem with Lenovo's Energy Manager, it's virtual power drivers and firmware that can kill almost new batteries. They need to sort this out pronto. A new battery from service may go the same way. On my Z510, similar vintage, the battery is likewise almost kaput.


I'm getting a bit sick of this, I have worked on a major UK consumer TV programme and am seriously thinking of passing it over as a story.

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

Thank you for the reply


But is there any update for the menioned dirver ? 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%


Is there no one in this forum who has faced issue like me?

I bought Lenovo Ideapad Z410 (model no. 20292) in June 2014. Last year whenever the laptop was started, a pop-up window would appear saying "Battery is too weak" with a BUY icon.


Since April 2015 onwards, my laptop is not getting started, its dead.


How can I download battery firmware update without laptop getting started? Please refer the pictures below, once laptop starts it asks for outlook login and after entering the login credentials, laptop just hangs showing nothing (it hangs for hours).
Lenova Start
Lenova After login


I am facing this problem since April 2015 and till date Lenova didn't responded.


Is anyone facing this kind of problem, if yes how did you got this problem solved? Please guide.


Thanks in advance.


Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

I have struggled with the same problem. My battery went faulty just 2 weeks after the warranty period. I approached the service center who said the battery needs to be replaced. I replaced the battery only to find that 5 months, I faced the same issue once again.


After reading and doing lots of research, and trying a hell lot of things, I finally tried reinstalling the battery firmware which I got from the link :


Go through the README file in the zip before running the application.
Please note that this works ONLY on the original battery. The replacement battery I bought was not original Lenovo battery(as it was not available in my region). Hence, the firmware upgrade will fail to proceed with the process.


So I put back my original (supposedly faulty battery!) and tried the firmware upgrade and it worked!
Now I'm back to using my laptop with atleast 2.5 to 3 hours of battery backup on the old original battery (which the service center guys told me was damaged!) for the past 3 months with no problems.



Dear Lenovo Team, its a disaster that you people are not able to provide proper diagnosis and solution to this KNOWN problem , widely faced by a lot of customers. I spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money for absolutely nothing, just to realize that it had nothing to do with any hardware!

What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo IdeaPad Z410 Battery Suddenly Drops From 100% to 0%

Hi, just would like to ask, the firmware is for z510. If we install this, would it damage the firmware of z410's battery?

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