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Fanfold Paper
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Lenovo Ideal Pad Z360

I only had my Lenovo back a couple weeks from Lenovo Depo before it started to shut off for no apparent reason at least two times a week.  It has been in the depot and in home visits too many times to send back for Lenovo to tell me it's fine.  About a month or so later it crashed.  When I restarted the laptop it went into CHKDSK mode.  I didn't know if I should let it continue or shut it off.  I guess I really didn't have a choice.  When it came up it appeared as the laptop was totally wiped and I lost everything.  I later realized that files were there under my id but it now had a new ID.  It created a drive D.  All the application programs that were loaded like Outlook still were there but it was like they were never used.  


Has anyone ever heard of this happening?  I decided it's not worth sending back because lenovo will wipe my data and applications. And they will have to be reloaded only to find that the laptop will again have shut off problems. 


Any suggestions?


Thank you for your time.

Lenovo Support Partner
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Re: Lenovo Ideal Pad Z360

Hello cinfish,


It looks like a HDD issue, I would have Lenovo support send you a replacement (Does not require you to send you pc to the depot). Let me know what happens afterwards.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Ideal Pad Z360

Sorry I am getting back to you as I didn't realize I had a response.  What should I have Lenovo send me?  I only have depot support now.

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